3MP 4" Dome $219 From LTS Security - Field Tested

3MP Dome from LTS Security I think this camera is a re-branded Dahua?

I bought this camera (model: CMIP3432) purely to see what $219 gets me!! I set it up at the shop and it "turned on"! Further, it displayed a good picture. I did not have another 3MP to compare it to.

A couple of weeks later I had an ACTI 3MP E73 Dome that arrived DOA. This was my opportunity to get my LTS, now it a loaner capacity, out in the field for a real comparisson as 3 other E73's were deployed for this job. The 3432 was excellent. So much so, that about a week later my customer called wondering had I installed the replacement E73!!! The E73 was delivered and installed the following day. I can't say that I noticed a difference!!

PDF - Data sheet for CMIP 3432

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