37 Minute Podcast From China CPSE

This will be part of our Monday full coverage but for those of you are interested in listening to it right away, here it is.

Download 37 Minute IPVM CPSE Podcast here or listen to it immediately below:

Here's an outline of what is discussed:

  • Opening - Banter about Chinese spam email manufacturers
  • 1:00 - CPSE show overview
  • 4:30 - value of the CPSE show to Westerners
  • 6:45 - what is being shown - HD analog vs SD analog vs IP
  • 8:00 - project business in China - who wins
  • 10:10 - Western OEMs and Chinese manufacturers
  • 17:15 - Pricing for cameras inside China
  • 21:10 - AHD vs CVI vs TVI at the show and in China
  • 26:40 - 4K HD Analog demos
  • 30:00 - Pacific Security Exchange - mega CCTV flea market in Shenzhen

Any feedback or questions, let us know.

Were there any sightings of the 'infamous' Todd, perhaps working the Dahua booth?

Btw, latency of the podcast was amazingly low for half way around the world, maybe less than < 300ms

Todd is outside the Dahua booth, scanning badges. In all seriousness, no idea, he has been quiet on social media the last few months too.

I was happy with the audio quality, Ethan's was especially good. He recorded it via skype plugin on his mac and then emailed it to me.

If I try, and I have, to desolder a sensor, or any sizable component, it takes me at least 15 minutes of careful heating, and gently applying the braid while slowly releasing the vacuum bulb, before I chuck the whole smoking board into the waste can out of frustration.

With these cameras so cheap, $5-$10, I just assumed that the manufacturing science must be spitting out 90% finished goods.

How can they afford to reuse parts if new ones are so cheap?

Probably because they work a lot cheaper and are a lot better at doing this. That was the gist I got from Ethan's comments.

Yes, I'm certain they work better, faster and cheaper.

But how long can anybody work on a camera that sells for $3?

3 minutes, total?

Much longer than you'd expect. $1/hour labor rates are not out of the realm of possibility here.

Glad to see more podcasts. There is a really interesting dynamic in these discussions that don't come across in articles.

Thanks for the podcast! I really enjoyed it - definitely gives a different perspective to how and where these things are made. Looking forward to the next installment! $3-5 per camera!? That's shocking!