Looking To Test 360 Cameras With The Following Specs

Looking to test all cameras with the following specs (in order of importance)

1. - RTCP support with time reporting in RTCP SR (Sender Report)

- NTP synchronization support.

2. Camera must support h.264 RTSP streaming

3. Image dewarping functionality on the camera.

3. Ethernet, PoE.

4. Adjustable Frame Rate (with max FPS being at least 10fps).

5. Adjustable frame resolution with multiple selectable views.

Gene, I am not sure if anyone can verify "RTCP support with time reporting in RTCP SR (Sender Report)" who is not from the manufacturer itself.

It's an uncommon / particularly low-level request.

The rest of your requests are fairly commonly supported.

This Vivotek 5MP fisheye looks good.

Have you had problems with RTCP using Profile S devices?

I ask because reading the ONVIF Streaming Spec it would appear to be a requirement:

On the other hand I found several people complaining about Hik devices not sending SR, even though apparently they should.