32 NVRs Needed For ~1000 Avigilon Cameras?

1 NVR for every 33 cameras? 32 total NVRs needed for just over 1000?

Is this the right architecture?

A tweet's been going around with an Avigilon dealer showcasing such a project, see below:

A couple of things come to mind:

  • Only ~33 cameras per recorder is quite low. That low density likely increases cost.
  • With so many NVRs, it would likely be much less expensive, more efficient and easier to manage with external storage (SAN, NAS, etc.).

Specifically, the MSRP for those NVRs (with the lowest amount of storage - 3TB) is $5,160 and it gets much more expensive with more storage, excerpt:

And that, of course, does not include the cost of VMS licenses.

What approach would you take with this many cameras?