3 Improvements In Calculator Model Searching

The Calculator's model searching / filtering feature continues to be well received and heavily used. We're up to nearly 6,000 total models and tens of thousands of new cameras calculated by members each month.

We made 3 improvements based on user feedback to eliminate some common problems:

  • Ignore dashes '-'. Sometimes people forget that a camera model has a dash (e.g., DS-2C) or they'll add a dash where there is none (e.g., M-30). Now, we handle that and make sure you get the model you want without having to remember the dashing convention of each manufacturer.
  • Combo manufacturer and model search. Some people enter in the manufacturer name and then model (e.g., Dahua DH-). Now, we automatically try searching the first word against manufacturers and the second for models.
  • Ignore spaces after inputs. Sometimes people would enter things like "3.0C-H4A-D1 ", either copying in spaces at the end or adding them accidentally. Now, we automatically ignore them.

Here is a quick demo of that:

This continues a major theme for us (in Calculator - NEW Advanced Searching, Camera Favorites, Model Adding) where we want to make it as easy as possible for people to have and use the models they want directly to make sure they calculate the right AoV / PPF / PPM / IR range, etc.

Any questions or feedback, let us know. Try the Calculator out now.

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