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2MP Vs 5MP Camera For LPC?

Should I use 2mp camera to save money or is 5mp worth the price? The camera will only be used for LPC, especially at night. I plan to use strong IR and have read all of the discussions here on the topic. Just wanting opinions on 2mp vs 5mp for LPC considering cost.

Do the math.

Does the 2mp camera give you enough pixel density at the distance you're trying to read plates at? Can you get a good enough FOV where the plates show up for more than just a couple of seconds?

Jason, how wide of an area do you want to cover? Just 1 lane? 2 lanes? More?

If you use a 1080p camera and want to get 60ppf (which is moderately high for license plates), that supports a 32 foot wide FoV (i.e, 1920 / 60).

One other question, how far are the cars from the camera? Lensing is another issue.

One lane. The rear of the vehicle should be in view for about 3-4 seconds @ 10-15mph. The vehicles will enter FOV at about 90' and stay in view until about 140' from camera. Mounting height is about 5' hidden behind brick sign.

One lane, 1080p is fine. Make sure shutter speed is set appropriately (1/100s, 1/200s, etc. - try out and find best for speed / lighting).

If the vehicle is ~100' away, assuming a 20' wide scene, you will need something in the range of 20 to 30mm.

Make sure the IR reaches that far. It's certainly doable but lower end / weaker offerings may not reach.

RAYMAX 50 work well?

I think so.