2015 Current Events Quiz

10 questions, take it now.

Covers major events and deals within the industry.

Can you get a 100? Let us know.

Also, group members can assign this quiz to their co-workers.

here's the quiz link.

I got two questions wrong and my score was 70%? I must be missing something.

John, our records said you got an 80%, not sure why it displayed 70% for you.

btw, 30 have taken it already, 3 got 100%, average score - 65%

90%, missed the Mercury acquisition question.

That was one of the 2 questions most people got wrong.

What was the other question they got wrong?

The question about which of the following companies was acquired in 2014. I don't want to give it away for those who have not taken it :)

Understood, close enough thank you.

A got a Perfect Score but only wound up in the 98th percentile!

WTF's a bruther gotta do to get into the 1% around here?

Get a perfect score AND insure that 99% of the other bruthers don't.

Lol, I believe it's how we calculate percentiles since multiple people have gotten a 100%.

Related, you are tied with Greg Cotina!

Just call me "Mr. 100% " because I always read IPVM.