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16 Analog Cameras Over 1 Fibre Cable

Hey All,

We have a very large job coming up that involves upgrading an existing system to a tribrid NVR/DVR (IP/HDSDI/Analog) from a plain Analog system.

There are currently 16 analog cameras with coax running into "Building B".

With the new system, they would like the VMS installed in a rack in their server room in "Building A".

There are one or two fibre cables that we can utilize that connect "Building A" and "Building B" together. Running new cables between the buildings is going to be highly unlikely, so I need to find another solution.

Im stuck at trying to figure out how to convert the Analog into an IP signal in order to utilize the fibre, while still being able to integrate all the cameras as seperate channels on the server site.

At first I was thinking something like a Vivotek VS8801 video server, but Im not sure if this will integrate into the server as all seperate channels.

My second thought is to have single channel video servers, one per camera, each into a switch, then a media converter from the switch to the fibre line. But 16 video servers is going to be a messy situation as well.

Looking for any suggestions on what other integrators might do in this scenario

"At first I was thinking something like a Vivotek VS8801 video server, but Im not sure if this will integrate into the server as all separate channels."

Can you expand on this? I don't see why a multi-channel encoder would not be able to integrate individual feeds into a server/VMS. That's what they are designed to do. What server/VMS are you using?

Well thats what I am unsure about and the reason for asking. Maybe that is exactly what I need

We are using a Nuuo MainConsole PC based system.

So using the encoder, how does that integrate into the VMS? I know I need IP licenses per camera, but when utilizing a 16 channel encoder, would I then need 16 IP licenses? Or just 1?

According to NUUO's supported camera document for Vivotek, it does support the 8801 and 8 channels from it. I don't know how they license it. Most charge a single license per channel/input (in this case 8) but a few only charge a single license for the entire device.

Just got off the phone with Nuuo, and they informed me that I would only need 1 IP license with the VS8801, so I guess thats the route Im going.

Should have just called them to begin with, but I really wanted to make sure I was going about this the right way.

Thanks for the help John!!

Wow, a single license for 8 channels? That's convenient! The most I've seen is 4 prior to this.

I thought so too. I guess we will find out if its true when we bring one in to test!