12MP Fisheye Shootout: Who Should We Test?

We are planning a new fisheye shootout of the latest 12MP panoramic cameras. We plan to test these five for sure:

We're also considering:

What do you think? Any opinions on these models or others we are missing? Let us know below.

I would like to request the Panasonic as well since it is such a costly offering and generally Panasonic optics are well perceived.  It would be interesting to see how it stacks up against the new Axis.

We use Uniview as our budget cameras.  We have a quote now where I am spec'ing Axis because I've got no good info on the Uniview and don't have the time/inclination for this quote to test.

I have really liked the Panasonic fisheye and in my testing I find it to be better then the Hanwha in some areas. 

Selfishly, I would love to see Hanwha, Axis, Sony, Oncam, and Panasonic make the cut due to our own use of those camera maufacturers.

I know it's a lot of extra work on your end, but the actual user experience in different VMS platforms is a huge decision maker for us when spec'ing 360's.  (i.e. dewarping quality, panorama quality, ability to use both camera-side and client-side dewarping, ability to multi-stream)  Maybe you could pull together a summary of the user experience in a handful of the top VMS manufacturers?

Will compression effectiveness be included in your test?  That's another big decision maker for us due to the stream size of most fisheye cams.

I would like to see test on all in the same arena  

comparison and details of performance 

video s are great , but like to see bandwidth, and details with test 

great Job guys , keep up the good work 

Arecont Vision?

Is that the Contera Fisheye or is there another model?


Sorry to be clear, yes, the Contera Fisheye.

Is the Dahua USA model the same as the one on the international website https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/35657 ?

It appears it mightn't be but I am not sure. I would be interested in seeing the results of the new features around more advanced people counting and queue management that is now available in it.

I believe the US Dahua part number (NK8BR4) matches up to IPC-EBW81230, not the newer IPC-EBW81242. The newer model looks to have a lower minimum illumination, lower F-stop, and the analytics capabilities you mention. That model wasn't out at the time of our test.

I'd love to see Bosch on there. Their IVA analytic capabilities in a Fisheye camera sounds insane.

OnCam EVO-12 for sure.

We tested the EVO-12. It had some positives, especially daytime video and their client SDK, which was a lot smoother than most other we tested. But it was pretty poor in low light and they did not have an IR model.

Isn’t the sensor in that model around 4-5 years old?

Would love to see the FLIR QUASAR 12MP HEMISPHERIC MINI-DOME CM-6212. Quasar Hemispheric Mini-Dome | FLIR Systems