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128GB Micro SD Cards To Make Edge Recording More Practical?

SanDisk announced yesterday a new 128GB Micro SDXC card. I haven't seen street prices yet, but supposedly it'll be in the $200 range, before prices plunge, as storage prices always do.

My question is, at what point does centralized storage just not worth it anymore? Assuming your edge recording function isn't flakey and actually works.

Sanyo, the ahead-of-its-time IP video company that was snuffed out way too soon, introduced a hard drive carrier as one of it's first accessory, the VA-HDC4000. The idea was, you'd screw this box to the camera, stick a 2.5" hard drive in it, and plug the USB into a port on the back of the camera itself. I hope the minds who came up with that kind of idea five or six years ago are still gainfully employed in the surveillance business, becuse we know for a fact that either they aren't still with Panasonic or Panasonic isn't listening to them.

But can these cards handle the wear and tear of security recording?

100,000 write cycles? Yeah, I think that'll be enough.

Manufacturers, such as new entrant into the edge recording space Witnessall will be able to further their storage capabilities with 128 GB SD cards. This will allow them to apply more pressure to VMS companies who rely on centralized storage. Currently, with 64 GB SD Card they can get a few weeks recording from a 1.3 MP camera.

Witnessall is the only manufacturer who offers recurring monthly revenue to dealers and installers who sell their system.

Let's say it goes down to $100 for 128GB or about $1 per GB - that's $1,000 per TB. Even if dropped in half beyond that, it's still $500 per TB.

Even years out, I do not see it for larger systems.

For smaller ones, I think it starts getting attractive because you can eliminate a PC / recorder appliance. On the other hand, you could can get a super low cost NVR or NAS and just record to that.

1TB sounds good....

Only 3 more density doublings will get us there!

What's that? 5 years from now. And then cameras will be at X MP? which will require 2TB, 4TB, etc.

Oh, the impatience of youth...

Seriously, I don't see that happening. I find it highly unlikely we'll see significant growth in pixel counts past 4k/8MP for most applications. There is the law of diminishing returns and it also applies to cameras, IMO. If I was asked, I would venture that 2k/2MP will become the de facto standard for 90+% of cameras for the foreseeable future, with maybe 4k/8MP making small inroads and the occasional higher pixel count cameras for only very specialized applications.

You and I once agreed that pixel count alone does not a useful camera make. We also both agreed that manufacturer claims that one MP camera could take the place of 'x' SD cameras were BS. Like I've said in the past, increased pixel counts will not allow a camera to see around corners or through aisles.