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10K Camera Reference

is there any project with +10.000 cameras in only one site?

See: Largest New Video Surveillance Projects

As for 10,000, it depends what the definition is of a site - a single building, probably not.

However, here are certainly systems connected across wider areas but controlled by a single organization of 10,000+ and even 100,000+ cameras.

Is the city of Chicago a 'site'? If so, then there are a dozen of cities in China that count for at least that or more.

but all the cameras goes to one single site?

Are you asking if all can be viewed at a single site or if all are recorded in a single site?

Yes, to the former, no to the later.

To be managed by a sole VMS.

Just one VMS without using "federation" walkaround.

What's a walkaround? I guess you mean 'workaround' but I am not even sure what that means.

A single VMS can manage a lot of cameras across a lot of different physical sites. For example, a 1000 low-end DVRs could be managed / accessed by a single VMS (though generally called CMS by those companies).

Why do you want to know this? Is there some bid that requires this and you are trying to determine who meets this or?

10K single cameras reporting to a single server farm.

yes, is it for a bid.

If that is the definition, I am sure there are a number of VMSes that can meet it.

It depends on how exactly it is framed and how tolerant the consultant / user is in accepting responses.

A 'sole VMS' on a single server farm?

Multiple VMS instances then, right?

I would pick that option, at least multiple recording server instances but only one coordinator between them.


but the article says that they have "access to more than 10.000 private and public cameras"