$1000 For Integrators To Do A Case Study

What do you think about this manufacturer's offer?

Digital Watchdog is offering $1000 credit towards their products in exchange for a completed and approved case study (see slide 9 of this deck).

How often do manufacturers do this?

Integrators, would this motivate you?

From my past manufacturer's experience, I fully agree with that strategy, which is probably the most effective.

When you are a manufacturer or software editors, you are sellin 1 or 2 tiers and it's very - very difficult to get market feed back and authorizations to publish success stories, because of security, confidentiality reasons, and difficulties to get testimonials from people you are not in direct touch with. Also, some SI wont ever give informations to avoid competition to enter their private areas.

Marketing and PR guys are always trying to get some "fresh" stories in strategic vertical markets, but it's much easier to put directly some rewards to make it happen. What is 1000$ regarding 2 or 20 new customers convinced by a nicecase story matching their proper needs ?

From an integrator perspective:

With all of the patent trolls out there I would do this with caution. Besides populating your competitors CRM database it may slap a "sue the end user for patent infringement" label on the project.