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How Many Milestone Licenses Required For An Arecont Surround Video Multi-Imager Camera?

Just got a call and going to meeting - 7 x AV8185dn required!!


By the way, if you have a say in the matter, I strongly recommend you use the AV12186DN. They're the newer generation and are better in low light. It's the same sensors used in the AV3116DNv1, which we tested.

I can tell you from demoing the AV8185 in the past, the AV12186 outperforms it.

Thank you I got your info prior to my meeting which was great. Ethan , thank you , I have not deployed the AV12186. But I confidently proposed same to the board. This was an excellent and timely response from you guys. I appreciate it. I felt I scored good coming out this meeting. It is refreshing When people are able to compose good questions to be answered. Unfortunately It doesn't happen every day but it seems I'm able to close these ones! Thanks again and "bottoms up" Ethen, I like those little tests. I would also like to be able to compare results to 'the field', annonomously of course. Any chance of posting results. Chrers