AXIS T8414 Installation Display

Hey Guys

Just a quick question, how do you find the AXIS T8414 Installation Display Unit? Is this unit user friendly?

Cheers in advance.

Hello Tate:

I have experience with the Dynacolor DT-2 which is the OEM version of the T8414. The most common complaint I heard from the techs using it was that it was slow compared to a laptop in discovering connected devices and navigating screens.

However, most techs chose to use the unit despite the slowness because it was much lighter, less bulky, and easier to move atop a ladder or lift.

I've used the T8414 quite a bit. The battery life is not great. About 60-90mins max.

The screen resolution is no different from a normal focus monitor used for analogue cameras. So for megapixel cameras it can be difficult to focus accuratley. Best used for setting FOV then using remote focus if the camera has it.

Built in PoE is nice, as is the auto discovery.

However, I think money would be better spent on a cheap 10" notebook with case and either Veracity PinSource or Pinpoint.

i agree with the veracity and a notebook... just make sure you get one without a glossy screen or you will spend most of your time adjusting cameras under a blanket so you can see the image... walkie talkies and a second technician is always a great way as well...

Thanks for that guys, really helpful.

Does IPVM have a review/comparison of these types of tools? We don't have one, but would to at some point. It sounds like a laptop/tablet might be just as easy?

We have a survey / comparison here: IP Camera Installation Tool Preferences

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