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The April 2023 New Products Show Has Concluded! All videos may be watched on the Online Shows Page.

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How The Live Presentation Works

IPVM will moderate initial 10-minute Q&A sessions followed by 20-minute company led presentations and/or demos. IPVM will ask questions on behalf of the audience.

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Schedule & Agenda:

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Day 1 - April 18th - Cameras/Hardware

10:00am: Axis - Director Core Technologies, Mats Thulin; Global Product Manager, Joacim Tullberg & Manager Product Introduction Management, Erik Mårtensson

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AXIS Camera Station: "new updates on system health monitoring, AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry and Smart search"

AXIS P1468-XLE: "world's first explosion-protected camera specifically designed for Zone and Division 2 hazardous areas"

AXIS P3827-PVE: "panoramic multi sensor camera with seamless stitching"

AXIS Q3626-VE/ AXIS Q3628-VE: "advanced domes with remote PTRZ functionality"

AXIS F Modular Camera Series: "rugged and completely modular cameras for almost any environment"

10:30am: Avigilon Alta (formerly Ava) - CEO, Tormod ReeRegional Sales Director, Amit Samani & Field CTO, George Martinez

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Avigilon Ava Flex Camera: "cloud-native Avigilon Ava Flex security camera features integrated temperature & humidity sensors along additional built-in video & audio analytics to detect events, anomalies, sounds, and identify people in real time.  Form factor fits various indoor environments. Stays up-to-date with automatic software updates for new features from the cloud."

11:00am: PelcoCorporate VP, Video Security & Access Control, Hamish DobsonSr. Global Product Marketing Specialist, Lucy Jonas & Associate Product Manager, Mark Paulo

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Sarix Multi Enhanced Panoramic IP camera: "delivers multi-directional coverage from a single vantage point, offering situational awareness of wide areas using fewer cameras. Reduce blind spots, take on difficult lighting conditions across large sites with 180, 270 or 360-degree views. Configurable three or four sensors. Wide array of mounting options for installation flexibility to fit a variety of applications, while providing high-quality images up to a total resolution of 32 MP. Comes equipped with Pelco Smart Analytics, to detect and alert security teams of critical events, expediting real-time responses and forensic investigations. Made in North America, NDAA & ONVIF Profile S, T, G and M compliant. Integrates with Pelco VideoXpert & many other VMSes for interoperability. Achieve the site coverage needed with analytics, greater low-light performance, higher frame rate and varifocal lenses."

11:30am: Bosch Security Systems - Director of Regional Marketing, Paul Garms; Group Leader – Firmware and AI Product Management, Nils Zerrer; Global Product Portfolio Manager – Intelligent Fixed Dome Cameras and Accessories, Gijs van den Borne & Portfolio Owner – 360 Aware Cameras, Jim Schriver

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IVA Pro (Intelligent Video Analytics Pro): "delivers insights to improve efficiency, security, and safety. Supports building security and operations (IVA Pro Buildings), perimeter security (IVA Pro Perimeter), traffic monitoring (IVA Pro Traffic), and object tracking (IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking). Solutions detect, classify, and track objects to provide operators deeper scene understanding."

FLEXIDOME 5100i: "fixed dome cameras are the first to bring IVA Pro to market. Come pre-installed with IVA Pro Buildings and offer IVA Pro Perimeter and IVA Pro Traffic as purchased licenses. With IR versions and 2- or 5-megapixel resolution – along with an 8-megapixel/4K ultra high-definition model available soon – integrators have maximum flexibility to meet specific customer needs."

DINION 7100i IR bullet cameras: "made for high-security or traffic applications that demand long-range detection and classification. 'Exceptional' low-light imaging performance ensures the highest reliability. AUTODOME 7100i moving cameras track and classify objects in busy scenes, even if an object stops, and provide 'accurate' counting in traffic and cities. Both camera series will come pre-installed with IVA Pro Buildings and IVA Pro Perimeter and offer IVA Pro Traffic as a purchased license."

12:00pm: Hanwha Vision - Sr. Technical Marketing & Training Manager, Aaron Saks

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Hanwha new AI Cameras: "Hanwha is enhancing its’ range of Multi-Sensor, Fixed, & PTZ cameras to include AI for false alarm analytics reduction, actionable intelligence, & bandwidth savings. These cameras can be used for a variety of verticals including city surveillance, airports, retail, and education, to name a few. Advanced features, such as USB port and PTRZ control makes installation and maintenance."

12:30pm: FLIR - Director of Global Business Development, Matt Strautman & Sr. Director Product Management, Hardware Solutions, Michael Deruytter

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FLIR DX-606z: "multi-spectral pan/tilt/zoom camera that has a 31x optical zoom on the 4K visible sensor and a 4x optical zoom on the thermal sensor. Most uncooled thermal sensors rely on digital zoom capabilities to see farther distances where this product is able to identify targets at even farther distances and maintain image clarity. FLIR Nexus Server built in which allows it to talk to the other FLIR Nexus enabled devices such as the FLIR FH-Series multispectral fixed cameras and FLIR R-290 compact ground radar. FLIR DX-606z can track a target identified by either the FH or the R-290 while maintaining image clarity over long distances and in harsh environmental conditions."

1:00pm: Avigilon - Product Marketing Team Lead, Katrina Ma & Product Manager, Tom Martin

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Avigilon H6SL Camera Line: "proactively detects critical events through its built-in 'Next-Generation Video Analytics', and lets users see sites with clarity in various lighting with its sharp imaging of up to 5 MP by leveraging faster imaging processors and high-performance sensors. Flexible dome and bullet form factors can fit into a wide range of applications. Enhanced object detection and classification of people and vehicles, along with Unusual Activity Detection to flag atypical speeds and locations of objects. Offers significantly improved bandwidth management, to achieve high-quality image details with less bandwidth requirements. All models are rated IK10 for impact resistance, while outdoor models are also rated IP66/67 and NEMA 250 Type 4X for weather resistance."

1:30pm: i-Pro - Senior Manager, Tech Services and Sales Engineering, Adam Ring

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Multi-directional + PTZ camera: "small and light outdoor multi-directional + PTZ canera. Features powerful edge AI capabilities, advanced cybersecurity, and vandal resistance for the widest possible deployment options."i-PRO dual sensor camera: "monitor two separate areas simultaneously such as hallway intersections with a small form factor requiring minimum power, cabling and only a single VMS license. With up to 2x 4K sensors, the i-PRO S-series offers highest resolution."i-PRO AI scene change detection analytic: "first AI-based analytic application that provides on-site learning of a scene. When anomalies occur within the camera’s field of view, an alert can be sent to security and operations teams."

2:00pm: MOBOTIX - Technical Project Engineer US East, Brian ChetelatTechnical Project Engineer, Maik Ceiler

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M73 with Thermal Validation App: "developed specifically for the requirements of early fire warning systems like those used in Logistics and Waste Management. Goal is to significantly reduce the number of false alarms generated by thermal radiometry, allowing uninterrupted system operation. Creates one comprehensive solution that integrators can install in less time and provides greater benefits to end customers."

2:30pm: Merit LILIN - Manager of Sales Engineering & Technical Support, Ray Chu

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LILIN 7 Series AI camera & VMS NAV5.0: "cameras with unique Self-AI Yolo platform which can implement customized AI functions on the same hardware. Removes need to swap different cameras with different AI function. Fulfill end users' needs with updating AI licenses only. NAV5.0 fully integrated with Lilin AI events allows users to do smart search/AI events filtering. Save time to review video footage."

3:00pm: Synology - Director of Channel Sales, Brad Kaminski & Product Manager, Cody Hall

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Synology BC500 and TC500: "IP67-rated, 5 MP wide-angle AI cameras suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Feature advanced AI capabilities, exceptional video quality, and seamless integration with the Surveillance Station video management system. All settings can be done within Surveillance Station, requiring zero additional tinkering from the camera’s own user interface. Features such as “Instant Search” for people and vehicles are available combining the camera's edge AI capabilities with Surveillance Station. Both BC500 and TC500 are NDAA and TAA compliant."

3:30pm: Hailo - CTO & Co-Founder, Avi Baum

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Hailo-15™ AI Vision Processors: "new AI vision processor, specifically designed to empower smart cameras with AI capacity. Enables 'significantly' more video analytics, running several AI tasks in parallel including faster detection at high resolution to enable identification of smaller and more distant objects with higher accuracy and less false alarms. Video enhancement & improved video quality in low-light environments, for video stabilization, and high dynamic range performance. Designed for integration directly into intelligent cameras to deliver video processing and analytics at the edge."

Day 2 - April 19th - Analytics & VSaaS

10:00am: Eagle Eye Networks - VP of Operations, Hans Kahler & Director of AI Products, Navanee Sundaramoorthy

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Eagle Eye Camera Direct: "connect Eagle Eye Cameras directly to the internet to record to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, without needing a bridge. Provides all of the same features as cameras connected to a bridge."

10:30am: Milestone - Channel Business Manager, Steve Gillum & Solutions Engineer, Daniel Laubly

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XProtect 2023 R1: "R1 update for XProtect improves core needs of VMS users. Provides open platform solutions that offer flexibility and security. Several enhancements to the user experience and system performance, including operator collaboration tools and installation pre-check efficiencies."

11:00am: Irisity - CPO/CMO, Victor Hagelbäck & Strategic Product Manager, Mirza Keserovic

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Irisity Edge for Axis: "SmartFace Embedded is a proprietary face recognition engine customized to be easily ported on any hardware. Efficiently processes resource-critical operations such as liveness check, face detection, or matching locally on the AI box or smart camera. It supports a wide range of platforms/NPUs, including NVIDIA, Ambarella, HAILO, Blaize, RockChip, and NXP. Solution is fully compatible with Irisity's hosted cloud solutions, allowing customers to mix and match camera-embedded analytics with server or cloud-based solutions to upgrade existing cameras. Small sites will now only require the camera on-site, meaning no extra hardware is needed and the cost is kept at a minimum. Large sites benefits - simplified network and server infrastructure. Video analytics computations are distributed across hundreds of cameras, bandwidth requirements are kept to a minimum and expensive analytics servers need is reduced. True IoT architecture with distributed loads of advanced AI processing across hundreds of cameras, allowing configuration and deployment across thousands of cameras."

11:30am: Briefcam - CTO, Igal Dvir & VP Product, Dana Keren

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BriefCam: "video analytics platform enables user to unlock the value of video surveillance content and translate video into impact through accurate, flexible, and comprehensive solutions. Software drives accelerated investigations, increased situational awareness, and enhanced operational intelligence. Introduces a new, patent-pending innovation, significant optimizations to the BriefCam Video Analytics Platform’s infrastructure, real-time performance, and accuracy, as well as new features to enhance investigation efficiency. Improvements and increased throughput empower integrators to reduce the total cost of system ownership for end customers, enabling them to deliver end-to-end intelligent video solutions with deeper customization."

12:00pm: Qumulex - VP Sales, Adam Messina

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QxControl: "new QxEnergy series of Cloud Gateways for QxControl is a new family of gateways designed to fit specialized environments such as transportation, industrial, utility, and other non-traditional areas for using a networking appliance. All QxEnergy gateways feature convenient integrated PoE+ ports to power cameras and door controllers. New QxEnergy 500 & 700 Series delivers the capability of Unified Video & Access with QxControl, while providing the convenience of integrated PoE+ ports to power and connect cameras and door controllers. The QxEnergy 700 Series is specifically designed for harsh environments and mobile deployments, with WiFi or LTE connections."

12:30pm: Camio - CEO, Carter Maslan

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Camio DIY Detectors: "enable end users to build custom AI models by donating their own images. Customers create and label bounding boxes within their own video to create training images. Camio pipeline then automates the training and deployment of the new AI models to the end user’s system. DIY Detectors empower end users to create models to meet evolving needs within specialized environments. A custom AI model can do everything from detecting a specific tool or product on a factory floor to alerting to the presence of a particular type of float in a pool—trained and deployed in a matter of days."

1:00pm: Geovision - GM GeoVision Canada, Karmen Fong & Senior Tech Manager, Derek Ho

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GV-Cloud: "cloud‐based service that allows users to search events of all connected hosts (GV‐VMS / Recording Server / SNVR). Using the mobile app GV‐Notify, receive notifications, look up events, access live view and play back recordings from any iOS or Android mobile devices. Without installing any software, log onto GV‐Cloud Center Portal from a Web browser on any PC to access GV‐Cloud Center for event search and playback."

1:30pm: Turing - Director of Sales, Andy Johannsen

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Edge+ Direct to Cloud Camera: " new camera line includes Dome and Bullet versions, fixed and varifocal at launch. All Edge+ cameras ship standard with 256GB onboard storage and a 1 Year CORE AI license including 30-day cloud event retention. Edge+ cameras are also fully ONVIF compliant. Can dual stream to any VMS. Function with free cloud VMS functionality within Turing Vision without a license, so no bricking of the camera. Cloud access and basic alerts etc for free. First of its kind exclusively sold through the distribution channel. Cloud cameras coexist on account with Turing NVR/bridge based systems for greater flexibility."

2:00pm: Deeping Source - G.M. North America, Scott Sereboff

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THE SOURCE: "provides analytic unique features - both attention tracking and customer physical journey mapping, Product uses existing camera infrastructure, for cost savings to end users. Data anonymization technology."

2:30pm: AvidBeam - CEO, Hani Elgebaly; COO Hossam Samy & Sales Director, Oscar DeJesus

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AvidBeam AvidFace, AvidAuto, AvidGuard, AvidHawk and AvidRetail - "AI deep learning computer vision based video analytics company. Build scalable architecture for security, safety and business intelligence applications using surveillance cameras. Value proposition is ease of installation and integration with video management systems, access control and IOT platforms for large deployments and optimization of hardware consumption to save total cost of ownership. Scalable video processing platform based on Kubernetes that enables resilient operation, fail over, hot spares, and robust cluster management for customers."

3:00pm: PLATELOGIQ - CEO, Sean Petty

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VIPR – Vehicle Intelligence and Plate Recognition: "cloud-based software suite for both law enforcement and private use. Bring Your Own Camera or pre-configured systems, simple and quick deployment with cost-effective support for multiple lanes of high-speed traffic. Advanced machine learning models that are regularly updated and provide highly accurate make, model, and color determination as well as state recognition and OCR. VIPR App for iOS – Fully functional license plate recognition app capable of scanning vehicles at highway speeds from a stationary or moving vehicle, or on foot."

3:30pm: Plate Recognizer - CEO, Kyle Tang

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ParkPow White Label, ALPR & USDOT: "white-label version of our ParkPow so that users can deploy it as their own solution with their logo, URL, etc. Ability to add in additional users to ParkPow and to give those users various user privileges. USDOT - ALPR for yard management, product to identify/decode USDOT numbers. Used for the trucking industry to better understand the vehicles that enter/exit the yards."

Day 3 - April 20th - Access Control

10:00am: Genetec - Senior Commercial Manager, Despina Stamatelos

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Axis Powered by Genetec: "enterprise-grade solution that combines Genetec access control software with Axis network door controllers in a single all-in-one offering. Hardware pre-loaded with the access control software, removing friction associated with traditional software/hardware integrations. Continuous delivery of product and firmware improvements, new features, and important cybersecurity updates."

10:30am: Avigilon Alta (formerly Openpath) - CVP, Cloud Physical Security, Alex KazeraniSenior Product Manager, Jim Staples & Senior Product Manager, Nathan Lane

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Video Intercom Reader Pro: "all-in-one intercom and access control device equipped with a built-in HD video camera, AI-powered voice recognition for enterprise-grade call routing and full multi-technology Smart Reader capabilities, with 100% remote cloud-based management."

Alarm Management: "get instant notifications for alarms across all your sites, with the ability to acknowledge, assign or clear them for faster responses and resolution to potential security threats."

11:00am: WaveLynx - President, Rob Lydic

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Wavelynx (NFC) Wallet featuring Apple and Google Wallet: " only solution commercially available in the world of corporate access control to enable the employee badge in Apple Wallet and access keys in Google Wallet. Interoperable, easy to deploy and secure credential."

11:30am: PDK - VP of Sales & Support, Dallan Labrum

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Aux 8: "Flexible & Scalable Input/Output Board"

Controller Continuity: "Seamless Operation with Complete Database Memory"

Credential Self-Help: "Employees & Tenants can reissue their own credentials when they upgrade phones"

12:00pm: Kisi - CEO, Bernie Mehl; Product Manager SaaS, Elena Kubyshkina & Product Manager Hardware, Louis Cravero

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Kisi Wiegand Controller: "Wiegand board is an add-on for the Kisi Controller Pro 2. Four interfaces, supporting up to four legacy hardware devices. Supported hardware device types - Wiegand-enabled readers, Wiegand-enabled keypad readers, Controller access panels. Also, the Wiegand-board supports legacy credentials. Wiegand Controller can connect both to wiegand readers and other wiegand controllers, which helps to start managing access in the cloud without the need for switching hardware. Lowers the cost of hardware."

12:30pm: PDQ - VP of Electronics, Zachary Klares

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Spirit Lock Series: "wireless locks and readers are the first and only access control devices to accept Verifiable Credentials stored in an identity wallet. Expanding beyond, while still supporting traditional RFID cards and NFC/BLE mobile credentials towards the future of identity. Foundation of Spirit is based on best practices, OSDP protocol, Apple Wallet compatible for mobile credentials, BLE/Zigbee/Thread or WiFi for communication and a suite of sensors in the lock for Do Not Disturb, REX, Lockdown, etc… all wrapped in an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified chassis."

1:00pm: AIphone - Director of Sales – Mid Atlantic & New England, John Hemp & Integrated Systems Specialist, Ben Jobrack

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AC Series Access Control Solution: "access control system that pairs with Aiphone intercoms. Combining compact over‑the‑door controllers and traditional access control panels, the AC Series can accommodate almost any size system. Highly customizable system allows you to start small and grow as large as needed. Programming software allows users to trigger intercom calls and other integration based on access control activities. When an unauthorized or deactivated card is swiped security can be called and images of the user captured."

1:30pm: BluB0x - CEO, Patrick Barry

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AI Controller – 2 Reader (AIC-2): "all-in-one platform with advanced features such as data analytics, video analytics, video camera, NVR, intercom, destination dispatch elevator control, LSP power management, and person reader operation. Provides a comprehensive security solution. Built on an open platform architecture, the AIC-2 offers flexibility for OEMs, channel partners, and end customers to customize the controller configuration that best suits their needs. Multi-port design allows for easy control of two connected doors, making access management 'seamless and efficient.' Equipped with native connectivity, the AIC-2 performs access control, alarm management, and scheduled operations all in one package, independently of the host. High-performance intelligent controller ensures 'reliable and efficient' operation, even in a secure environment. Delivers complete security and access control solutions, and innovative application extensions, interoperability, and data security."

2:00pm: ACRE - Director of Mobile Services, Michael Zackoff

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ACT Mobile K-12 Edition with Cloud Mustering: "emergency management response platform for school districts. Manage and control security from anywhere with a mobile device. Fully customized app experience allows for staff to view students check in data every hour, allows staff to mark walk-ins as safe, and provides a Web-based dashboard for the school district and first responders. Provides real-time status updates visible on map views… all of this through ACT Mobile K-12 Edition’s cloud-mustering architecture."

2:30pm: - Lead Product Owner and Sales Trainer, Mateusz Zapotoczny

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Scylla Asteria 2.0 – New Generation AI Box: "surveillance solution for SI and monitoring centers. Advanced AI engine filters alarms from "old, noisy" cameras, at night or in the rain. Transforms regular cameras into Ultra IoT devices, for seamless connectivity and control. Provides AI engine that is specifically optimized for handling CCTV image processing. Unlike traditional video processing systems, Asteria 2.0 can filter alarms and detect objects in surveillance footage, which is often noisy, shaky, and low resolution. Can handle difficult scenarios such as PTZ camera patrols (detecting intruders during tours) and nighttime detection in the presence of rain, snow, and insects. Device can operate entirely offline, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring in air-gapped systems."

3:00pm: Alocity - Founder/CEO, Marco Quintero & EVP of Sales, Mike Kushner

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Alocity F3D100 - "all-in-one access control solution. Supports 3D face, encrypted fobs/card, NFC and mobile credentials. Works standalone or integrates with existing PACS. Video Intercom feature allows for 1 way video and two-way talk. AI camera records 24/7 and alerts on motion, & person detection. On-board relay, TTL inputs, Wiegand and OSDP. Onvif compliant. Ability to provide a modern, 'feature-rich reader at an affordable cost' to the end-user. Reads encrypted cards/fobs, NFC, & mobile credentials. Video Intercom feature and AI camera running at the edge. Integrates with all PAC systems."

3:30pm: Alcatraz AI - VP of Product, Blaine Frederick

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Privacy Consent Management & Mobile Enrollment: "Alcatraz AI delivers facial authentication as a service that makes access control 'frictionless AND more secure'. Privacy Consent Management allows end users to review the company’s biometric privacy policy and provide written consent, then enroll from anywhere at any time with the new Mobile Enrollment feature. Privacy Consent Management eliminates one of the primary barriers to adoption and simplifies the necessary steps of notification and the need to gather written consent. Mobile Enrollment enhances the Alcatraz solution by providing a third enrollment option that speeds up the enrollment process by allowing a distributed population to enroll using their own mobile device."

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Show Concluded

The April 2023 New Products Show Has Concluded! All videos may be watched on the Online Shows Page.

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