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Why I Choose Longse Over Hikvision

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Dec 07, 2016

At half the price and quality/reliability as good as Hik, its on to a winner.

Longse is the 3rd largest manufacturer of CCTV in CH and a lot has changed - no spamming or email to public. Hikvision sells direct to end users through high street stores and there are over 36,ooo items on UK ebay - all we get is " my customers can buy it cheaper on ebay" The first time we bought from Longse was in 2010 and but didn’t use then again until 3 years ago. With a returns rate less than 0.3% , its good as Hik but half the price.

Hikvision make OEM for many other companies but Hik hates it if they are selling more than branded ones, they even threaten companies that sell the OEM’s on.

The Hikvision protocol by Longse does not automatically set IP address when connected to NVR POE port but you can use SADP or Longses own tools to change it.

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John Honovich
Dec 07, 2016

1, thanks for sharing. I think this is the ultimate conclusion of the race to the bottom. Longse prices are so cheap, buy them the pallet, have one or techs learn them well, keep in stock, undercut even the Hikvision / Dahua dealers.

I am clearly not a fan of Longse, and their unethical business practices, but if the market wants super low cost, Longse has stripped it down to the bone for that desire.

Undisclosed #2
Dec 07, 2016

I was going to ask how a legitimate company could do business with a company such as Longse, but then I answered my own question - there is no such thing as ethics or "doing the right thing" in business. Companies/corporations are machines designed to make or save a dollar wherever possible.

It seems that, at least to some, Longse's business practices have made them more attractive than the nearest "legitimate" competitor. So kudos to them I suppose.

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