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Where To Locate Mid-Spans For Parking Lot Ptzs?

Michael Silva
Sep 05, 2013
Silva Consultants

Just curious where installers are locating their mid-spans when installing POE PTZ cameras in outdoor parking lot applications. I have seen mid-spans located in boxes at each camera pole, consolidated in ground-level cabinets installed out in the parking lots, and installed in data closets back in the buildings.

Will a PTZ camera (such as an Axis P5522-E) work reliably when the mid-span is installed at the maximum distance from the camera, or do they really need to be closer to the camera to work well? (The name "mid-span" seems to imply they need to be closer, but was just wondering if this is just a figure of speech or an actual limitation.)

John Grocke
Sep 05, 2013

Michael - Like you I have seen them in multiple locations. As an integrator, I always tried to locate them on or near the pole if 120VAC power was available for serviceability reasons.

Axis' manual for the PoE midspans says not to exceed 100 meters on page 8 under troubleshooting.

Jason Clement
Sep 05, 2013

I always used fiber for cameras on poles. I used the comnet media converters that have a PoE+ output and had 110vac provided at the poe. In a few instances if the pole was close enough I used cat5e/6.

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