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VMS Software Compatible MAC OS

Michael Favela
Nov 14, 2013

Hi there,

I was doing some research to find out what VMS software is compatible with MAC. I was surprised to find out that big name companies such as:Milestone, Genetec, Video Insight, and Arteco make no mention of any MAC OS support. Does anyone know of any that support MAC?

[VMS server software that runs on MACs including: SecuritySpy and Xeoma.]

Ari Erenthal
Nov 14, 2013
Chesapeake & Midlantic

Exacq's exacqVision Pro client supports Mac. Their website says anything Intel based over 10.6.

Robert Ansell
Nov 14, 2013

Are you looking to run the client on Mac or the server on the Mac? If you are looking for a thick client, Exacq is the only ones that have one. If you are looking for a fully featured thin client, you can go with ipConfigure. If you are looking for live video, recorded video, but no setup, you can use the web interface for Milestone, Genetec, Video Insight, Digital Watchdog, and basically all the others.

As for have the server on the Mac, I can only think of one, and that would be Dcomplex, which is a small manufacturer based in Rochester NY.

Sarit Williams
Nov 14, 2013

Hi Michael,

As Robert mentioned DComplex supports a server/client MAC based Video surveillance system. Exacq supports Mac client and browsers, while the rest support both mac and Windows based browsers- servers must be installed on a Windows based machine .

Here are a few things to consider for DComplex:

1. It is geared towards home owners and very small businesses with <20 cameras recording.

2. Pricing is ~$40 per channel with as low as ~$25 when 4 or more are purchased.

3. Support is limited and is via email

4. No 3rd party integrations

5. Limited direct integration camera support (ONVIF is included)

They do offer limited user management and export options, however they are not intended for mid-large implementations.

For IPConfigure's completely web based application, here is a recent overview/discussion.


What type of MAC support are you interested in? Client/server? type/size of organization this is considered for? any specific must have features?

Nathan Wheeler
Nov 14, 2013

Hello Michael,

Network Optix is releasing our Mac client this week alongside our latest version. I'm happy to provide you a beta version of it if you'd like to test the whole solution. The server is available in both Windows and Ubuntu Linux as well.


Igor Diakov
Nov 18, 2013

Hi Michael,

We at DComplex also have a beta Windows VMS with a Mac Client. In fact the Mac Client is the same app that is used to remotely access our Mac VMS Server. The Mac Client allows to monitor multiple Windows VMS Servers and Mac VMS Servers from a Mac.

If you are insterested, give it a try. I would be happy to hear whether it works for you.

Best Regards,


Alex K
Nov 19, 2013

Woow, Igor Privet

100 let 100 zim :)

Chris Dearing
Nov 19, 2013

Odnovo jazyka nikogda nedostatocno!


Pekka Vainonen
Jan 17, 2014

Michael, our Ksenos VMS works with MAC OS X, Windows and Linux as well, both server and client. You can asking for free 90 days trial version.


Pekka Vainonen

Undisclosed Distributor #1
Jul 09, 2014

For small installations I have heard Security Spy work pretty well

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