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What VMS Mobile Apps Support Audio?

Michael Bethers
Nov 02, 2013

Is there a VMS system anyone is familiar with that supports audio on their mobile client?


John Honovich
Nov 02, 2013

Michael, do you want to listen in, talk down or both?

Michael Bethers
Nov 02, 2013

I'm just interested in listen in.

Matt Ion
Nov 02, 2013

As far as I know, Dahua supports this with their DVRs/NVRs through the gDMSS (Android) and iDMSS (iOS) apps... I don't have an audio-enabled camera to test it with at the moment, unfortunately, but there are icons and menus for both audio talk and listen in the app.

Bohan Huang
Nov 02, 2013

Nuuo iViewer for NUUO MainConsole IP+ has full audio listen in from mobile app, although it gets choppy on 3G - it seems the server is not recompressing the AAC to save bandwidth.

Luis Sadio
Nov 03, 2013
IPVMU Certified

For small projects Avtech NVR has full audio listen in and talk down from mobile app EagleEyes.

The quality is very good.

Jon Dillabaugh
Nov 03, 2013
Pro Focus LLC

The Dahua app supports two way audio. I have used it with an IP cam, but not a DVR yet.

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