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UTC Casi Migration Plans

Mike Ridgley
Oct 09, 2013

Can anyone provide some insight on where we sit today in term of a migration path from older GE products (Casi Secure and Pic Perfect, Diamond) to Lenel? I understand that there will be a multi-level process including upgrading from FC WNX to On Guard (specific version unknown to me).

Any recent info on how these end of life products will be handled would be great!

Brian Rhodes
Oct 09, 2013
IPVMU Certified

Hello, Mike:

I am asking Lenel to answer this question. Will post when they respond. Thanks,

Brian Mathews
Oct 10, 2013


Lenel announced a commercially available upgrade plan that enables Picture Perfect customers to move to Lenel OnGuard. Firmware is available to flash compatible versions of the legacy Casi micro panels in order to make them talk to OnGuard. We have also been showing Mercury based retrofit boards for the Casi micro panels. We are working on the same strategy for the Legacy InfoGraphics ACU hardware and have shown the proof of concept.

Prior to UTC/Lenel acquiring GE security, there was and still is a migration path to move Diamond and other legacy products to FCWnx. We've been working on a case by case basis with customers who want to upgrade directly to Lenel OnGuard today. We are doing everything we can to protect the investment that customers have already made with us on both a hardware/products side and on services and support. Feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to discuss further or put you in touch with our Migration team.



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