Research Livestream: Facial Recognition Shootout 2023 Review + Q&A - March 1st, 2023

Mert Karakaya
Feb 22, 2023
IPVMU Certified

For the last two months, I and the IPVM testing team have been working on IPVM's first-ever Facial Recognition Shootout. The report is scheduled for release on Monday 02/27.

We have been evaluating the performance of eight manufacturers, including Avigilon, Briefcam, Hikvision, IronYun, Oosto, Rhombus, Turing, and Verkada, in different scenes such as shallow, moderate, and harsh camera down-tilt angles, and low-light and IR scenes.

We have tested the performance of various systems across hundreds of walkthroughs with several different people and emulated NIST testing using IJB-C datasets. We have created watchlists of ~3,500 faces and tested the real-world performance of the solutions using thousands of unique images in the wild.

In the Facial Recognition Shootout and the Livestream, we will rank the systems from best to worst across 12+ different categories.

Join me on March 1st at 12 PM EST as I answer your questions about the report, and show you insights into IPVM testing of facial recognition systems.

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Kyan Mahadeo
Mar 02, 2023
IPVM • IPVMU Certified

For anyone interested in viewing the playback of the Livestream + Q&A, it is available in the Facial Recognition Shootout report for Research Service subscribers.

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