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GSM Camera Alternatives? / Teltonika Edge Camera

Undisclosed End User #1
May 21, 2013

Has anyone ever heard of the company Teltonika?

I believe they are based out of Italy.

I have a GSM Edge camera from them that I have really been struggling to get working on the Rogers network here in Canada. I've used all the settings that Rogers has provided to me, as well as spent countless hours trying different things and talking to different support technicians. Their sales rep keeps calling me at least once a week it seems, which is very frustrating for me as I don't want to talk to any sales rep about ordering more when I cant even get the initial sample to work.

The particular GSM camera I'm testing from them is the "Teltonika Edge MVC100". Whats strange is that they don't even have this camera listed on their website, and as far as I'm concerned "Edge" is a dying technology with new generations such as 3G, WiMax, LTE, etc.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good GSM camera (not trail cams) that could be used for security? Particularly we are looking for something with motion detection and alarm inputs.

John Honovich
May 21, 2013

I found the spec sheet for the Edge MVC100 and it seems quite dated. VGA MPEG-4 with "Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS/EDGE network."

There are very few cameras with integrated GSM / cellular / 4G. The few that I have seen are typically from Asia where I believe it is more popular.

One common alternative is to use a miniature cell router that connects to your choice of 3rd party cameras.

Bob Ehlers
May 21, 2013

There are a few approaches to this:

1. Intelligent camera with router - You can fit a ISD camera running Exacq Edge and a HauteSpot HauteMOBiLE router (supports all types of USB cellular modems) into an outdoor camera enclosure. The HauteMOBiLE supports VPN connectivity and persistence for links over cellular which are going to fail and will need to reconnect. This will give you relatively slow HTTP access to the video over 3G, but will record on the camera at full res.

This is price competitive with the miniature routers you point at, but has a lot more management and better presistence. It will recover after cell handoffs or IP address changes. Can even roam between LTE, EVDO, GSM

2. Any camera with microNVR - You can use any IP camera with a HauteSpot microNVR and a USB cellular modem, together with our MVE software which will give you fast streaming over slow 3G cellular. Will record at full resolution at the edge.

Both the HauteMOBiLE and microNVR with MVE systems will run a heartbeat to keep a connection alive, even when not streaming to allow incoming control connections.

3. Use a "GSM" camera which generally will capture a few minutes of video and then send it on alarm. If you want to view video then you will be out of luck since these will not maintain persistent links.

3G will remain popular in much of the world and is being used for SCADA in oil fields, along utility lines, etc. It costs less to deploy than LTE, so when private networks or purpose built networks ae being deployed, 3G will contine to be used. Many countries just finished installing new 3G UMTS or HSPA networks. These may give you 300-500Kbps up, but generally you should count on 150Kbps or less. This means using some tricks like the way our MVE works to get good quality video.

Jim Daly
May 29, 2013

This German company may be of interest: WWAN M2M IP connectivity

The CloudGate M2M Gateway from Option provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single basic unit certified on all major US cellular operators (CDMA/EvDO and WCDMA/HSPA+). The
CloudGate is simple to configure locally or remotely from your PC, tablet or SmartPhone.

I have never used this company so I cannot vouch for them.

Alireza Ghandchi
May 31, 2013
Anabon Security • IPVMU Certified

They are located in Lithuania. As I know their major activities is GPS-GSM-GPRS systems, AVLs ... We have used their AVL for 1000 trucks and our client is completely satisfied.

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