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Samsung SNB-7002

Ahmed Kalush
Aug 28, 2013

Has anyone tried this camera out? I am wondering how it would stack up against a Bosch Dinion 1080P HDR camera (or comparable). Specs look good and I'm ordering a demo unit but was hoping to get some insight in the meantime.


Michael Budalich
Aug 29, 2013


What interested you about this model camera? Low price? I'm curious.

Ahmed Kalush
Aug 29, 2013

It's a low cost product from a major brand name. Alot of our customers don't recognize Axis, Avigilon or Arecont Vision, but they will recognize Samsung, Sony and Bosch. With that being said they're not doing anything new, but the specs look comparable to other leading manufactures in the market.

Leo Jang
Aug 29, 2013

SNB-7002 is WDR performance upgrade model.

Previous model is SNB-7000 which is Low WDR performance.

Ahmed Kalush
Aug 29, 2013

Thanks, I did notice that. I haven't tried any samsung IP cameras before, just looking for some insight into it's real world performance and how it stacks up against Bosch, Avigilon or Arecont.

Undisclosed Manufacturer #1
Sep 05, 2013

We did not test that model or the older box version. We did however do some of our own side-by-side comparison shots between some of their dome and bullet models against Arecont, and the Samsung was much better than the Arecont. Better picture, mostly because seemed easier to focus and had better clarity (lens?). Also easier to setup out of the box- needed less tinkering with image settings.

John Honovich
Oct 15, 2013

From a recent discussion with Samsung, the 7002 is an older model. The new, 'hot', 'top of the line' one is the 6004 (with Wisenet III, etc.). Additionally, they are roughly the same price.

We do plan to test the 6004 in the near future but not the 7002, because of this.

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