Paranoid Undisclosed Posters Unite! New Feature

John Honovich
Feb 17, 2014

Do you like commenting on IPVM?

Do you have to always post undisclosed unless your employer freaks out at you?

Are you paranoid that you will forget to check undisclosed and reveal yourself to the world?

We have a new feature for you. On the edit profile page, there is now an option to "Default all comments to undisclosed?" Check it and from then on, all comments will default to being undisclosed. You can always manually uncheck if you would like to reveal your name for specific comments.

I do prefer people comment with their full identities as often as possible. However, I am aware of many companies that have a strict no social media policy, especially on IPVM, where a controversial comment can lead to serious issues.

Undisclosed #1
Feb 17, 2014

Thanks for your support of the oppressed!

Undisclosed End User #2
Feb 18, 2014

"They're coming to take me away, haha!"

Undisclosed Manufacturer #3
Feb 18, 2014

Every company but mine sucks.

J. A. 'Cal' Calcaterra
Feb 18, 2014
My name is no matter. Might have been in a few searches already. Good luck with that. Has it started yet? I see three comments as 'undisclosed'. With a number (What would hackers do with that?) and different associations. Manufacturer/End User/Distributor. John, if I opted to go undisclosed what would mine be? I suspect some 'Undisclosed' might offer joker. (Already did) LOL I'm sure others have garnered a few handles here also. Next, might we have Avatars? Oh My. :-)
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