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Color Temperature Impact Night Viewing For WDR Cams?

Michael Wright
Aug 28, 2013

Is 3000, 0r 4000 better than say, 6000? I haven't ever seen this explored and would appreciate any feedback members have had in this regard.

Ethan Ace
Aug 28, 2013

Hi Michael, we're actually in the process of finishing a color fidelity report which should be out in the next week. I didn't test specific kelvin temperatures, but I've tested under various lighting types (fluorescent, LED, sodium, mercury).

Generally speaking though, the range of 3000-6000 is not so drastic as to have great effect on cameras. Automatic white balance handles most scenes, and the WDR cameras in the test were the best performers, so I don't think that difference in lighting should really have practical effect.

Michael Wright
Aug 28, 2013


Thanks for the quick response. It would be interesting to set up a few cameras and check their performance under the different light temperatures and report on how they compare. With flourescent, LED, soduim and mercury you can get different color temps too.

I agree that the AWB handles most scenes, but the feature I'd be specifically interested in knowing is what effect the light temperature has in color rendering...more than anything else. Does 6000 degrees offer better color rendering than say 3000 degrees, etc?. Does a green shirt look brown under 3000 degrees and look green at 6000, etc? Inquiring minds want to know!

John Honovich
Sep 07, 2013

Michael, our color fidelity comparison report is up, in case you have not seen it.

lachlan gordon
Nov 04, 2015

Hi Gents,

I realise that this is quite old, however wondered if anyone had done further testing regarding Kelvin of LED and it's effect.

Councils around our country and starting to invest heavily in LED lighting which will obviously have some impact on the cameras (along with some integration projects we are working on to tie street lighting to cameras).

Undisclosed #1
Nov 04, 2015
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