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Lexray For Integrating Multiple Vmses?

Undisclosed End User #1
Feb 18, 2014

LexRay is being proposed to us as a solution to integrate several disparate VMS platforms. Wondering if anybody has any information about the company, experiences, etc.

Especially interested if anybody is running them in an SOC type environment.

We are a midsized corporation which over the years has had different surveillance systems deployed at our various campuses/offices around the country. At the site pushing for LexRay, we have close to 3,500 cameras (a mix of IP and analog) on 5 or 6 different DVRs or VMS's.

John Honovich
Feb 18, 2014

The company behind this, LexTech, started by selling literally the world's most expensive iPhone app, which was an $899 mobile VMS client in 2009.

As every VMS manufacturer released their own free (or nearly free) VMS client, LexTech moved to being a 'mobile PSIM', now LexRay.

This is essentially a comparison to traditional PSIMs, offerings like Nice Situator, ADT Proximex, CNL, Vidsys, etc. that typically sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So price is definitely a key consideration as such offerings can get very expensive.

The other (obvious) big thing is functionalities - which can vary greatly, such as:

  • Do they support all your recorders out of the box without doing any new development?
  • What type of integration do you want with other systems, like access or intrusion? Does LexRay provide that?
  • How much desktop monitoring do you want to do?
  • How about incident reporting capabilities?

Overall, LexRay is a niche player but so too is pretty much every other PSIM.

Tread carefully, lots of buyers for this type of the solution wind up regreting their decisions.

Ross Vander Klok
Feb 21, 2014
IPVMU Certified

A midsized corporation with 3,500 cameras? I consider my company midsized (3 billion a year 10K employees) and we come nowhere CLOSE to 3,500 cameras. Obviously different business sectors utilize cameras in different ways, but I am interested to see what other end users have out there. John could you maybe start a topic/question/poll along this line?

John Honovich
Feb 21, 2014

There are quite a lot of really large end user IPVM members, though I am not sure how anxious many of them are to publicly declare how many cameras they have.

That said, I agree with you - 3,500 cameras is a large system - certainly in the top 1% of all surveillance systems.

Undisclosed Integrator #2
Feb 24, 2014

LeXRay has cool features and a great concept. However they struggled in getting a developer license for Genetec security center. As of 6 months ago they didn't have latest connectors for leading Vms platform. Their algorithm for video optimization based on commercial network's bandwidth was unique but we have recently deployed Genetec mobility platform and it appears that it's doing the same and without dropping connections.

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