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Latest Version Of Genetec Omnicast?

Duncan Miller
Sep 03, 2013

Could someone tell me what the latest version of Genetec Omnicast is? Someone told me they were up to version 5.2 but I can not find any information on this version. I have a feeling they might have gotten Omnicast and security centre mix up.

Ethan Ace
Sep 03, 2013

4.8 service release 4 is the latest version of Omnicast.

5.2 SR 3 is the latest version of Security Center.

John Honovich
Sep 03, 2013

Since this topic has been brought up - what is the future plan for Omnicast vs Security Center? Both are being maintained? Can new users still buy Omnicast?

KV Swami
Sep 03, 2013

Hi Duncan,

The latest version of Genetec Omnicast is 4.8 (SR4). You can see the release versions in the table below:

4.8 (SR4) 4.8.2609.3
4.8 (SR3) 4.8.2520.6
4.8 (SR2) (HIP1)
4.8 (SR2) 4.8.2399.15
4.8 (SR1) (HIP2) 4.8.2283.53

The latest version of Genetec Security Center is 5.2 (SR3). You can see the release versions in the table below:

5.2 (SR3) 5.2.1045.11
5.2 (SR2) 5.2.926.17
5.2 (SR1)
5.2 (GA) 5.2.806.79
5.1 (SR3) (SP4) 5.1.5454.249

John - to answer your question - yes, you can still buy Omnicast independently if you wish.

Jason Glover
Sep 04, 2013


Omnicast is still supported and sold. This is still a flagship enterprise offering, video only with federation capabilites into other Ommnicast sytems or to a Security Center system.

If any readers have specific availability questions, please don't hesitate to post or email John or one of his team members and we can relay as much information as necessary.


Jason Glover

Director of Sales Genetec

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