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It Is Apparent To Me I Know Very Little About My Industry...

Greg M. Ray
Sep 17, 2013

Being new to this forum I appreciate the information as evident by knowledgeable fact base replies not a sales pitch. As an example a informational site (name withheld) has a bad narrative on almost all levels without facts. Where as they try to sell you their solution not provide an answer or thinking it is the solution to some extent. I will continue to expand my knowledge as it appears to me I know very little about my industry however that is going to change. I was looking for a challenge...well... I have barely scratched the surface it seems.

John Honovich
Sep 17, 2013

Greg, I am glad you are finding IPVM useful. The security industry is filled with thinly veiled sales pitches offered as 'whitepapers' or 'thought pieces'.

Jason Clement
Sep 17, 2013

You've reached the best place to learn Greg!

Matt Ion
Sep 18, 2013

Like Jason says, this is a great place to learn... and to make things better, you're willing and EAGER to learn, meaning you'll get so much more out of it.


Hal Bennick
Sep 21, 2013
Trafficware, a CUBIC Company

This is a great place for non-biased info. I've found this to be a great forum to vett my crazy ideas. I also try to keep up with other people's posts so I can either avoid their problems, or copy them and tell my boss I thought it up!

Speaking of non-biased info, did you hear about my new camera? It's indestructable, can see through walls, installs itself, will help you lose weight, and you can get it today for three easy payments of $19.95 and one really hard payment of $643.29 and sixpence and naming rights to all your children.

Joshua Herron
Sep 21, 2013

Hal's camera is actually a cheap (cheaply made but actually more expensive as ours is only $701.00 including shipping) knockoff of ours. His doesn't include accurate fortune telling and invisibility cloak for covert mode which can be activated through any VMS utilizing ONVIF. A future version will clone and install itself in new location based on uploaded map (again this feature can be easily used remotely from any VMS utilizing ONVIF).

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