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Need Covert Camera Enclosed In An Exterior Sconse

Richard Brady
Sep 22, 2013

This style or similar.

Before I customize something like this myself, I thought I'd shout out and see if anyone can send me to a website for immediate purchase.

I've scoured the Web but cannot find a covert cam/dvr in an enclosure like this one. The application is a marbled entryway of a typical San Francisco Victorian triplex. A wall sconce similar to the image above is the only object available to work with, without causing tenant suspicion. (one unit appears to be sub-let. Client needs 45 days of data to enable his attorney to proceed with legal action!!)

Thank you for your suggestions.

Richard Brady
Sep 22, 2013

With regard to the 45 days data, I plan on switching out the SD card on a weekly basis.

Matt Ion
Sep 22, 2013

I've never seen a camera in something like this available commercially, but I don't imagine it would be hard to conceal something small in it.  I've looked at diassembling a Dahua mini-dome for covert installation, although I haven't had a lot of time to experiment with it yet... the camera itself is in a small "ball" and connects to the interface board via short ribbon cable, and I don't think it would be hard to fit it into the base of such a fixture with the interface board residing in the junction box behind it, providing it's not too packed with wiring.  The camera runs on 12VDC and supports microSD cards up to 64GB (might be more now with newer firmware).

You might also look into an Axis P12-series camera...

Richard Brady
Sep 22, 2013
Thanks Matt. Yea, I'm familiar with both of these products. As the distance from camera to subject is 8' max, I was actually going to go with an all-in-one analog camera / dvr combo, you know......the kind that have just about been customized into everything else except my coach style wall (420TVL or whatever will be just fine for this solution and probably only cost $50!
Jim Daly
Sep 24, 2013

Hi Richard,

I wouldn’t expect to get a good wall light for $50, never mind one with a built in camera / DVR combo.

If your customer does decide to spend a little more and you want a professional solution then this company makes some interesting stuff for covert use. Talitor(Far East) Co., Ltd.

Or just rip one of the many cheep dashboard cameras available on e-bay and fit it in the light.



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