For Those Using Dahua Cameras In North America: Where Do You Get Your Firmware Updates?

Ethan Ace
Nov 14, 2013

A curious question, since Dahua does not offer direct support in North America, and they do not offer firmware downloads publicly on their website. So for those in the US and Canada, where do you get firmware, if anywhere? Do you simply use what comes from the factory?

Incidentally, this is one of the things I see as a nuisance of using these cameras in our territory.

Matt Ion
Nov 15, 2013

Your direct supplier should be the one providing firmware updates anyway. We go through Nelly's Security, and Sean's always been great about announcing new firmware releases when he gets them.

A local supplier has also brought in a few unbranded units for us from some other supplier in the US, and they have no idea about firmware versions - apparently their source doesn't stay on top of it so well.

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