Edge LPR Offerings?

John Honovich
Apr 23, 2013

A member is looking for a license plate recognition solution is that is edge only, meaning the processing is done inside the camera, instead of the video being sent to a centralized server.

We are trying to find what options are out there. I believe there are a few high end, expensive offerings, like Genetec's ShaprX and PIPS.

There's also ipConfigure's LPR app that runs on Axis cameras.

Anything else that anyone would recommend?

Tango Charlie
Apr 23, 2013

ARHungary has the Letugo and ParkIT modules. Probably not a go for open road, but is designed for automated access control in parking type applications.

Letugo is the software side - ParkIT the camera with integrated LPR.

Hernan Carzalo
Apr 26, 2013
IPVMU Certified

Hunter MPH900 ?


there are many..

Bohan Huang
Apr 28, 2013

Why is LPR software so expensive? Its based on OCR technology that is inexpensive. I understand that cameras for LPR need to support very high shutter speeds and special illumnation is required for night time use, the premium expense of the software makes a lot less sense.

Are there any examples of "value" oriented LPR software? either as plugins for a VMS or standalone software that takes a RTSP stream as input?

Ethan Ace
Apr 28, 2013

I've seen "value" LPR, but I'll have to look for it again. I believe it simply took RTSP, but it's been a couple years since I've seen it.

The software is generally expensive because if you want high accuracy, it has to be optimized for what you're trying to read. So for example, they might customized it to read all 50 states' license plates, with their varying color schemes, fonts, character sizes, layouts, etc. Some states stack characters on special plates, and that has to be accounted for, or else the software thinks it's looking at a single character instead of two on top of each other. And states release new plates all the time, which may require further testing and optimization. Adding Arabic characters is another expense. And on and on.

Luis Carmona
Apr 29, 2013
Geutebruck USA • IPVMU Certified

I think another reason is this is a specialized area of software application with a low economy of scale. Take QuickBooks for example. A very complex and powerful program that sells relatively cheaply when compared to things like specialized analytics software. And a lot better supported, too. Because they do billions in sales a year. We're impressed anytime a security software company does more than $50 million. And it's millions of buyers versus thousands of buyers. It sucks gopher balls, I agree.

May 01, 2013

Intertraff has "super walz" LPR camera it's standalone unit.... i think this will meet his requirement

Intertraff: Plate Recognition, Speed and RedLight Cameras » SuperWalzCAM

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