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Do Not Underestimate Longse

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Jan 11, 2016

Do not under estimate Longse. They produce more than 100,000 cameras per month (AHD, CVI,TVI ... and some IP). They produce some cameras for Dahua. Furthermore they produce Longse DVRs under Dahua license ... Today they sell mostly to Middle East, South America and Asia countries. Maybe they will go bankrupt ... Maybe they will become number 4 or 5 in the market !

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John Honovich
Jan 11, 2016

I actually think Longse is an innovator. They are the leaders in mass video surveillance spam emails. It's disruptive in multiple ways. Rather than hire expensive Western sales people and send them to big booths in expensive Western trade shows (e.g., Hikvision), they use low cost young Chinese to bombard emails to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Even if they only convert 1/1000 emails sent, the cost of sending those emails are so low, that they can still offer direct from China prices and probably make money.

It's not without its tradeoffs (limited support, service, replacement, warranty, integration, etc.) but they have done a good job of opening a market for people who want bare bones cameras.

Gert Molkens
Jan 17, 2016
IPVMU Certified
Do you need replacement and warranty on a 25$ camera? I can't even ship it to a customer only 15km away for that price. Even filling in gorms and paperwork would cost more than the value of the camera.
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