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Mobile Access To Church / Childcare Video?

Mike Ridgley
Nov 13, 2013

I am meeting with a church tomorrow to discuss an expansion project that they have. They are building a new activities building and will be separating worship from childcare (e.g. the childcare will now be in the activities building – a separate building).

Naturally, the church is concerned that there might be some friction or discomfort with some of the members because of this new arrangement.

Is there any way I can address this (or propose to address this) with technology? I’ve got nothing… other than some high MP cameras in the childcare rooms and a public view monitor outside the worship area.? The VMS will be Avigilon.

It would be cool to have a solution that shared the video stream / WiFi and would provide an iPhone app or something – while onsite only? I was thinking about LexRay?


Keefe Lovgren
Nov 13, 2013
IPVMU Certified

you can also talk to them about a nusery paging system... that way they can be alerted by a nursery attendant if need be...

Mike Ridgley
Nov 13, 2013

I thought about that too.. My church uses a system that integrates into the projector system and displays a small message similar to that in the link. I think the major concern is the separation of buildings. If they have the ability to check in vs. waiting for there to be a problem, perhaps there would be less anxiety?

John Honovich
Nov 13, 2013

Mike, so you want to separate who see's what cameras? Is that correct?

Also, you say, "It would be cool to have a solution that shared the video stream / WiFi and would provide an iPhone app or something – while onsite only?" Who is this for? The parents whom have children in the childcare?

As for mobile apps, I am not sure what you will gain for this use case with LexRay. They are more positioned as a premium mobile PSIM / command center, which is overkill and would add a lot more support. Also, their website does not list Avigilon as being a supported VMS (but that could be out of date).

Is there something lacking in the Avigilon mobile app? Presumably you can create a specific user account who is restricted to certain cameras, etc.

The bigger issue with any mobile app is that the person needs to download and set it up, which can be a real problem if someone only checks it infrequently or if there is turnover (new parents for new children).

One structural alternative is a web client that only runs on the local WiFi, i.e., sign in to the WiFi and the home page has a web display of those specific cameras that are allocated.

Brian Rhodes
Nov 13, 2013
IPVMU Certified

I'd challenge the wisdom of an indiscriminately accessible mobile viewing app. What then prevents someone other than a parent from gaining access to the system? Either maintaining the 'approved users' list is going to be a big task, or you run the risk of giving a creep access to the childcare center cameras.

Strategic viewing kiosks or PVM in a congregation or gathering area seems a more privately securable solution.

If security of children is the root concern, consider a Check In/Out system. Whenever a child is dropped off, they are given a code sticker. In order to pick up a child, the parent (or adult) must present a matching code. The childcare worker does not allow just anyone to pick up a child. Combined with video surveillance at every entrance/exit point, it forms a pretty tight security system.

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