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Camera Poles - Meeting Code & Safety Requirements

Barry Shaw
Aug 08, 2013

Anyone know of documentation relating to the requirements for camera poles, in particular I'm looking for guidance on specifying concrete foundations in soft ground, lighting protection etc. Are the specs for light poles relevant or are there specifics to consider with surveillance?

Brian Rhodes
Aug 08, 2013
IPVMU Certified

Hello Barry:

We have a number of updates on the topic of poles, and hanging cameras from them:

and then these posts on related issues:

In general, lightpoles do not necessarily accomplish the goals for cameras they do for lamps, namely:

Wind Loads: In many cases the top of a pole moves significantly in the wind. Not always a problem for lights, but a big problem for cameras.

Weight Loads: A surveillance camera and all of the accompanying gear can weigh 50 pounds or more. Lamps generally are lighter, and pole diameter/reinforcement is different.

There are other aspects to consider (ie: Who owns/maintains the pole? Local code restrictions), but when it comes to using light poles for camera mounts, these are the two big factors that need to be considered. Every pole is grounded, and lightning arrestors installed on each where copper cable is used.

As far as 'official' design guidelines on the topic, I'm aware of none. Most Pole projects I worked on were collaborations between security specifiers and civil engineering firms. Each side furnished their own inputs (gross weight/soil type/etc) and the best answer was derived from those inputs.

Barry Shaw
Aug 09, 2013

Great reply and helpful information, thanks Brian!

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