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Bosch Autodome 800 Vs. Axis Q6035-E

Amos Wipf
Oct 02, 2013

I have installed and used the Axis Q6035-E's before and really like them. I am very happy with their performance. One of the guy's I work with wants to get a Bosch VG5-836-ECEV for a location with a Bosch DVR. Does anyone have any experience with the Autodome? I have only used older Bosch equipment and am thuroughly turned off, having said that it seems that Bosch is catching up with the rest of the market. The specs on these two cameras are similar although I am having a hard time comparing the WDR ratings as well as the low light ratings especialy for the Bosch. Mainly though I would like some general feedback on the Autodome 800 if anyone has some real life experience.

Biser Deshkov
Oct 03, 2013

At this link, you can see live video from Bosch Autodome 7000 HD, it is almost the same camera (Autodome 800) except added new features like PoE, onboard micro sd card and improved autotracking.

Chris Johnston
Oct 04, 2013

[IPVM NOTE: Commenter is from Bosch.]

The AUTODOME 7000 HD replaces the 800 Series. The new 7000 does use the same camera block as its predecessor, but with a number of imaging enhancements that have improved image sharpness, color reproduction and low-light performance. The 7000 contains a number of improvements to the intelligent tracking and intelligent video functionality. Video streaming has also been enhanced mulitple streaming modes and dual independent HD streaming capabilities. Installation has been improved as well with the addition of High PoE and pre-configured imaging modes (low-light, motion, etc.).

I would be more than happy to arrange demonstration of the new AUTODOME 7000 if you are interested.

Undisclosed Integrator #1
Oct 07, 2013

I've used both of these cameras and agree that the "old" Bosch GUI was very poor :-(

The new 7000 series is better although not as user friendly as Sony...

One of the main things I REALLY like about the Bosch is the way the camera has a hinge and connects to the NIC which makes it very easy to take down.

The Axis on the other hand has a proprietary cat5 connector you must use and it's very difficult to remove (have to buy extras).

I will also say that Bosch is really trying to improve their GUI and web site and give them credit for listening to where they need to improve.

Amos Wipf
Oct 07, 2013

Thanks for the info.

The connector that Axis used on the Q6035's is really bad to assemble. The last one that I had to install was up a 30 foot extension ladder, trying to hold onto the corner of the house with one hand and assembling the connector with the other. Try doing this one handed, especially snipping the 2 top pairs shorter than the 2 bottom pairs.

Brian Rhodes
Oct 07, 2013
IPVMU Certified

"The Axis on the other hand has a proprietary cat5 connector you must use and it's very difficult to remove (have to buy extras)."

I believe that connector is to preserve the IP rating of the assembly, and I do agree - it's a pain. It is neither T658AorB, if I remember correctly.

However, you can use a 'normal' RJ45 connector for indoor/semi sheltered applications. The 'twist on' 1.5"NPT adapter can let water in, hence the glanded connector.

Undisclosed #2
Nov 29, 2013

I have used both the VG5-836-ECEV and the Q6035-e.

Although both are fine cameras, I prefer Bosch's mounting, powering, and connecting options.

Not a fan of IP66 network connector/ High POE only arrangement on the AXIS.

In retrofit from analogue, chances are one may find it more convenient to re-use existing 24VAC, than shoe-horn an environmental midspan into the equation.

Image quality comparison, I can only give an unscientific opinion without exhaustive testing that I like the 836 a little better - more vibrant and rich.

Note that the 836 cannot stream a lower quality second stream if the primary stream is 1080.

But as someone mentioned, the 7220 is the 836's successor, and now this streaming limitation is no longer, in addition to the added HiPoE and other improvements. (I am going by spec only, not actual experience with this one yet)

But then I see Axis has just added to its fleet as well - the Q604x-e, not sure if these will be replacing the Q603x-e, but I'm guessing down the road they will. At the very least, the Q6045-e will become the new flagship.

So back to you question, yes, Bosch is fine. If you're still seeing the older 836 stock, double check the differences with the 7220 to see if any of these improvements are in your requirements.

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