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Poor Quality Recorded Video Demonstrated?

Jeremiah Boughton
Apr 26, 2013

I accidentally found this video, while dong some research, and it has me baffled... a little. On the Website, it stated "BEST DEFENSE IN THE NEWS! Check out the quality of the image in this news segment". I clicked on the YouTube video ready to be amazed and I was completely baffled. The video I thought was pretty much worthless, besides the fact it showed a human breaking into a convenience store. I found the video to lack details. Am I being a judgemental jerk, that has had too much coffee, or does anyone else see a value to this video? I'm not familiar with the product which seems to upscale. Anyway, instead of buying an upscale DVR, wouldn't it be just better to spend the money on better cameras? I know convenience stores are notorious for cost-effective solutions...but how is a shoddy image going to help you or the police out when it comes to details?

Here is the quote on the Website that got my attention.

BEST DEFENSE IN THE NEWS! Check out the quality of the image in this news segment. It was taken using our basic digital video recorder! The cameras were actually old existing cameras, but with the new DVR they still produce high quality images. Call today for information on upgrading your own DVR or time lapse VCR to the latest technology.

Here is the video on YouTube

John Honovich
Apr 26, 2013

Well, the video was uploaded in 2009 so that should be taken into account.

Christopher Freeman
Apr 28, 2013

I installed many of these in the day , now i would not give this a second review as it is unacceptable.

I let the other guys do it .

Cheap products , Bad Quality Video, Low Expectations on the Video and old technology

Requires an upgrade

Non usable video

Jeremiah , once you've installed , seen the quality , it is really hard to accept the lesser of value .

like seeing (420 line images ),or VGA vs Mpxl

Flir (vs ) Bosch Black box

Totally different

As a professional it is really hard to accept low grade systems when you have been working with high quality systems

I have walked away from jobs like this one.

Matt Ion
Apr 28, 2013

Taking into account that YouTube re-compresses video pretty heavily, the color image isn't that bad for an analog system. It would definitely have benefitted from better cameras. It was by no means state-of-the-art, even for 2009.

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