Axis CEO: Axis And Canon Are 'Competitors In The Market'

John Honovich
Jan 04, 2016

Watch here (1:30 mark):

Axis CEO adds Axis / Canon competition will 'probably stay for quite some time'.

That's the same thing that we are seeing. For example, after the acquisition, we have actually had Canon video surveillance employees reach out to us complaining / asking us to cover Canon IP cameras. It is strange, Canon spends nearly $3 billion on Axis and then has Axis compete against its existing lagging video surveillance business?

It has repeatedly been explained to us that Canon works on a much longer time table than Western companies. That's fine but it's a little bit like saying a football player is slower than his competitors. It might explain what is happening but it is hard to understand how that is a good thing.

Canon competes against Axis on cameras. Axis competes on VMSes with Milestone. How is wasted development and sales spending on such overlapping products a smart move?

Undisclosed Manufacturer #1
Jan 04, 2016

During a recent security IFSEC event in Delhi Canon and Axis sales persons were complaining that there is no proper direction as they are a bit confused. Also there was a lot of confusion between Axis software and Milestone as to how to position them on projects as a lot of mixed signals going to the various SI..

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