Avigilon Dealers: Do You Have Max Prices?

Brian Rhodes
Aug 10, 2013
IPVMU Certified

When I was an integrator, I had a series of meetings with Avigilon's manufacturer rep in my area (back when they still used rep firms).

I remember that part of the reseller agreement was agreeing not to exceed MSRP for Avigilon product. This was in place to prevent price gouging from taking place on a channel-protected brand. I remember the discussion was if Avigilon caught wind of abuse, they could revoke the agreement.

I am curious, is this policy still in effect or has it changed? If so, what controls are in place to prevent the sole Avigilon dealer on the wild frontier from naming his own price if he's the only dealer in town?

Keefe Lovgren
Aug 10, 2013
IPVMU Certified

it seems as most manufacturers don't mind if you sell above msrp they just don't want you selling below such as upps... I remember years back (working for another company that was an avigilon dealer) the regional rep said we could sell above msrp just not below...

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