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Arecont Surround/Omni G2 Experiences?

Robb Larsen
Jul 26, 2016

Looking to see if anyone has installed/tested the updated Arecont SurroundVideo G5 or omni G2 series. I have used the older models of both series and seeing if the new units have fixed some of the issues they had.

John Honovich
Jul 26, 2016

Robb, we have not tested them. The remote focus looks to be the main improvement so not enough to justify for us to test.

We test 3 cameras on the new G5 MegaVideo fixed side - the Stellar, 1080p and 10MP cameras, none were great, Stellar and 10MP were particularly poor competitively.

Undisclosed #1
Jul 27, 2016

Can't speak to the old issues, but I can tell you our experience with 2 we just installed (not a large sample, I know). One of them seems to be working perfectly, no issues after about a month. The second had what I'm guessing was a bad sensor on one of the cameras pop up after about a week. Video turned purple and won't correct despite being rebooted, etc. Replacement camera is on the way now I believe, but I haven't talked to the tech today to know for sure.

The customer is EXTREMELY pleased with the one that is worked based on the use-case we have, which was covering two entrances to the building about 100' apart and the parking lot. Nothing high-speed so no framerate issues, good lighting around the building so night images are decent (although could be better), and they're pleased with the quality of the image.

Ethan Ace
Jul 27, 2016

It's probably a stuck cut filter on the bad one, a classic Arecont problem. I've seen it in three different multi-imagers now.

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