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Anyone With Experience With Grundig?

Undisclosed #1
Feb 21, 2014

Our company recently installed some cameras and got very good reviews from the customer.But I am curious about comparison to other brands.

Grundig CCTV.

Carl Lindgren
Feb 22, 2014

Grundig was a German company that used to manufacture high quality consumer electronics. They were known for their multi-band radios, tape recorders and stereos. They declared bankruptcy in 2003 and the name was bought by a Turkish company in 2004. I'm not sure about the Grundig CCTV company - it appears to be a separate entity Grundig CCTV

John Honovich
Feb 22, 2014

Thanks, Carl. Good feedback!

From looking at their CCTV website it appears to be fairly average products, nothing terrible but nothing very novel.

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