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Arecont Megaball2 Panomorph Vs The Axis M3007

Undisclosed Integrator #1
Sep 04, 2014

Any preferences between the Arecont MegaBall2 with panomorph and the Axis M3007?

John Honovich
Sep 05, 2014

For the panomoprh MegaBall2, I believe the series number is AV5245DN-01-D.

You can help us by describing what matters most to you.

One thing that surprisingly stands out is the price. The Arecont is ~50% more expensive than the Axis M3007 (~$600 vs ~$900 online).

The Axis is 'regular' fisheye' where the Arecont is an Immervision panomorph lens. If you want panomorph but are looking for a lower price, compare to the Brickcom one. We tested the Brickcom panomorph and it did well plus its online price is low, ~$500.

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