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Any Camera Manufacturers Doing Lease Programs?

Jim Kirk
Dec 01, 2016


Are any camera makers doing a lease program for their professional cameras. Something like lease for 2 years, upgrade to the latest or a better model, and repeat.

Seems like a great way to stay current with the changing technology and, from a vendor viewpoint, locking in the brand for their customer.

With all the wiring already run to the camera swapping out to the latest model should be a straightforward job.

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John Honovich
Dec 01, 2016


Good question! I don't know of any camera manufacturers doing this directly but I see the upside you are describing.

One challenge might be in terms of who 'owns the customer'. If the manufacturer did the lease / program, the deal might need to be through them but perhaps it could be structured through the integrator.

Let's see what members have to add here.

Undisclosed Integrator #1
Dec 01, 2016

We've had that question a few times from customers (and it's been prevalent on the IT side for a while), and choose to partner with some different financial services companies that can assist our customers with leases on equipment. Always worth asking the integrator if they've got any options for that.

Michael Miller
Dec 01, 2016

We partnered with a local bank to offer leasing options. We can offer custom terms and even 0% interest options for both labor and hardware. Though we haven't had much request it does give us other options to offer customers.

Undisclosed Manufacturer #2
Dec 02, 2016

I seem to remember that Panasonic used to offer lease programs.

Similar to this:

Undisclosed #3
Dec 02, 2016

Leases are an enormous part of our business.

Gert Molkens
Dec 02, 2016
IPVMU Certified

I tried to get soething like that organised with a bank but it turned out to be unrealistic

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