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List Of Video Alarm Monitoring Providers

harry girsh
Feb 28, 2014

My company is looking into having DVRs connect to a monitoring center. Can anyone tell me what success they have had with video and alarm monitoring centers?

[IPVM Edit: Let's turn this into a list of video alarm monitoring providers. Please share names of providers, including coverage area and any details of what recorders / systems they support.]

James Talmage
Feb 28, 2014
IPVMU Certified


The benefit of connecting to a monitoring center is that you can spread the cost of an operator between yourself and tens or hundreds of the centers other clients. However, that means any given operator at the center is going to be responsible for far more cameras than they can effectively monitor. Usuallly, you will want to use event based monitoring to get the operators attention when something of interest is happening. Figuring out how to trigger these events is your first step. Common solutions are burglar alarms, video analytics, or simple motion detection (video or PIR). Once you have settled on an effective form of event detection, that helps you narrow the field based on who supports a given technology.

I have had success with VideoIQ video analytics and ViewpointCRM for monitoring - but that was for a fairly specific scenario. YMMV.

Robert Tabbara
Mar 02, 2014

There is a company out of Dallas, if you like I can send you their contact info. What they did is use the same DVR that ADT Korea uses and deplyed a monitoring center that works with these DVRs. They Do event based monitoring as well and their setup looks good. They are failry new to the market. You might be interested in working out a deal with them instead of having to deal with the headache of building it.


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