A List Of TVT's 79 DVR OEMs

John Honovich
Mar 25, 2016

Ever wanted to know who OEMs from one of the biggest DVR manufacturers in the world?

Check out this excellent analysis from Rotem Kerner, where he discovered Remote Code Execution in CCTV-DVR affecting over 70 different vendors.

In addition to finding this security risk, he was able to get a list of TVT's OEMs by cleverly pulling the included logo image files.

Here is the list he found:

Though TVT is not as large as Dahua and Hikvision, they are one of the biggest DVR manufacturers in the world.

If anyone at TVT is reading this, Kerner notes: "I've been trying to contact TVT for quite some time with no luck. They have been ignoring me for too long, so they left me with no choice but to disclosure."

ivan silaev
Apr 09, 2018

Hello John, small comments- Grizzly was a name of dvrs, company name was - Panda Video. actually, this brand belong to company Advance and already almost 3yrs it`s stopped. no more grizzly or Panda Video, and of course no TVT oem, but yes is past Panda was more or less good customer of TVT, during 6-7yrs. Now, largets TVT partner in Russia is LTV -Luis company`s brand for cctv, Luis is probably largest distribution company here. also, few much much smaller - Axios, Praxis(STA) at least they were, havn`t checked recently; CTV


Undisclosed #1
Apr 09, 2018
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