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3rd Party Logistics Surveillance?

Mike Ridgley
May 14, 2013

Hello folks - I have a meeting arranged with a local 3PL company... Unfortunately for me, I do not have much experience with the 3PL vertical.

Can anyone share with me some of the hot topics or common challenges that you have seen with the 3PL vertical specifically and perhaps a solution / deployment that you have addressed a specific issue?

I'm just looking for some information so I can relate with the client better.

Thanks in advance!

John Honovich
May 15, 2013

Michael, to clarify, by 3PL, you mean a company that "perform activities such as, pick and pack, warehousing, and distribution (business) – the most basic functions of logistics." Yes?

Mike Ridgley
May 15, 2013

Yes. I assume that these companies face similar challenges. I'm interested in knowing and understanding where they have the most concern for security. Is it internal theft? External intrusion / theft? Do they use cameras in a capacity to monitor employee events?

Really - any feedback on this vertical would be helpful..

Mike Ridgley
May 15, 2013

Some questions that come to mind. Do they use analytics to monitor specific pallets or secure staging areas? Do they use surveillance to monitor congestion and movement within specific areas? Do the GM’s generally stay inside an office and monitor activity from a VMS? Do the VMS systems typically remain sort of autonomous and only used when there is an event or do they tend to be more active with their systems? Do they typically have cameras monitoring each loading dock to capture what goes in and out of a truck? Are most integrated with RFID technology now?

The only warehouse system I have worked with was used in a general overview capacity. They were a government contractor and had to meet some requirements such as monitoring a caged area with cameras. Beyond that – it was general exterior coverage to try and cover all of the openings and some parking lot traffic. And as mentioned some general internal coverage. I’m not sure if this is a typical scenario for 3PL companies in general..?

Sorry for the winded thread – I have a short period of time to conduct preliminary recon on this vertical...

Brian Karas
May 15, 2013
Pelican Zero

We've done some things with analytics in these scenarios to look for people activity in forklift aisles, or in rooms/areas where the material movement is all robotic (eg: where people should not be present).

The biggest challenge on some of the visuals has been the long skinny aisles, it seems like you end up needing more cameras than you expect to get adequate coverage of the primary areas. Somebody needs to make a 5:30 aspect ratio camera for these environments (large data centers have similar layouts).

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