IPVM Conference 2022 Concluded

Thank you for a successful second annual conference where we debated the future of physical security, with live testing, networking, and food.

Conference Sessions led by IPVM Founder John Honovich revealed below:

Day 1 - Wednesday, Sept 28:

9 am - 12 pm & 1 pm - 4 pm, Live Testing:

HID alternatives: Allegion, Farpoint Data, WaveLynx, 3MillID and STid

Access Control: Brivo, Feenics, Openpath, PDK, Verkada

Multi-imager cameras: Axis, Avigilon, Bosch, Dahua, Hanwha, Hikvision Mobotix, Vivotek.

Facial Recognition: Avigilon, Briefcam, Dahua, Hikvision, Oosto, Turing, Verkada.

VSaaS: Ava, Axis + Your Six, Eagle Eye, Genetec, Verkada, and Qumulex.

Sessions Agenda:

9 am - Crisis for PRC China

The PRC government subsidiary has become the world's largest video surveillance manufacturer but now it faces off against the world's most powerful country. We examine the outcome.

10 am - Motorola Acquisition Spree

10 in the last few years, 2 so far this year. Nearly $3 billion has been spent. Will Motorola dominate, blow themselves up, or somewhere in between?

11 am - Venture Funding Collapse

Last year was the best ever for physical security funding but in the last 6 months, most of the SPACs had their valuation plummet and Silicon Valley is now suddenly nervous. We examine the impact.

1 pm - The Fall of Axis

Axis was the world's Western biggest manufacturer for years. Now, we examine threats to the company both from inside and outside and the future of the giant.

2 pm - The Rise of Non-Video Sensors

The 2010s was the era of megapixel cameras. This decade is witnessing the rise of others including environmental, LiDAR, RADAR, and more. We examine how this changes the market.

3 pm - The Future of Weapons Detectors

Metal detectors were a sleepy market for decades. Now "weapons" detectors promise to change screening and create a multi-billion new market. We examine the opportunities and challenges herein.

4 pm - The Ascent of Access Control

For years, access control has been viewed as the slower, smaller sibling to video surveillance in physical security. We examine the rise of cloud and mobile and how access is being transformed.

Day 2 - Thursday, Sept 29:

Live Testing Agenda

9 am - 12 pm Multi-imagers, Analytics, Access Control & VSaaS

Sessions Agenda:

9 am - VSaaS Replacing VMS

NVRs and VMSes are being quickly replaced by VSaaS, either by new entrants or incumbents adopting. We examine how this is happening and what impact will it have.

10 am - Direct To Cloud Disrupts Video

Ava, Verkada, and others are disrupting the fundamentals of video surveillance by eliminating the VMS / VSaaS. We examine how this is happening and what impact will it have.

11 am - The Market In 2030

AI, Facial Recognition, Cloud, Mobile, and more are changing the market. We evaluate how this will most help and hurt by the end of this decade.

Watch Now: IPVM Conference 2022 Live Testing

What's included with registration:

  • Live testing of numerous manufacturer products side by side
  • Debate trends with executives and IPVM leadership in the main hall
  • Networking
  • Food (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner)

Registration is $999, 100% refundable thru June 1, 2022. Limited to 300 people.

Live Testing

Come see live product tests, run by IPVM staff, on video analytics, facial recognition, cloud access control, mobile access control, and more. This has never been done before. Instead of manufactured controlled demos, we will set up competitors side by side and show what really works and what does not.

IPVM Image

Products tested will include Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Brivo, Eagle Eye, Genetec, Hanhwa, Meraki, Openpath, and Verkada. A final list will be provided, if you have suggestions, please share in the comments.

Test products yourself to see how they work and do not, side by side against competitors.

Trends / Debate

Debate the biggest trends in video surveillance with IPVM's Founder John Honovich, numerous executives, and other attendees.

IPVM will start each session with a concise explanation of a topic's core issues and then open the floor to a moderated Q/A and debate amongst attendees and IPVM.

The goal is for attendees to interact with each other and IPVM, gaining a deeper understanding of strategic challenges and how it impacts their organizations. We did this successfully last year with a richness of debate and discussion unprecedented in this market. We are excited to do more and better this year.

No Sponsors

Of course, like IPVM itself, these conferences will have no sponsors nor advertisers, etc.

No Mask / Vaccine Requirement

Neither vaccination nor masks are required at the Conference, in line with current local law. This was removed on March 2, 2022.


The Conference is being held at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, which is located on-premise at the Airport, making it simple to fly in as well as easy to be reached from the I-95 Interstate and the NY Metropolitan area. The video below overviews the 585 room hotel:

A complimentary shuttle is available from & to Newark Liberty International Airport - EWR.