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Resolution The pixel count of the camera
Min FPS Max frame rate at max resolution (Member Only)
CODECs The modes the camera supports
Form Factors The shape / physical type of the camera
Manufacturers Limit your search to specific camera manufacturers
Exclude Exclude specific camera manufacturers from search
Transmission IP vs CVI vs TVI vs SDI, etc.
IPVM Tested Cameras IPVM has tested
Price $ to $ Estimated online price in US Dollars (USD) (Member Only)
Outdoor Use IP Rating of camera (Member Only)
Size Restrict cameras based on relative size for their form factor (Member Only)
Vandal IK rating (Member Only)
Max Weight The camera cannot weigh any more than this amount. (Member Only)
Warranty Period Minimum Time period for repair/replacement coverage (Member Only)
Operating Temperature Min: Max: Measured in Celsius, enter min and/or max (Member Only)
Wireless Integrated Wireless support built inside of camera (Member Only)
On-Board Storage The camera's internal storage support for recording (Member Only)
Focal Type Restrict to varifocal or fixed
Wide Angle mm Cameras with this focal length or lower (i.e., wider AoV) (Member Only)
Telephoto mm Cameras with this focal length or higher (i.e., narrower AoV) (Member Only)
AoV Angle of View, measured in degrees (Member Only)
Auto Focus Can the camera automatically re-focus? (Member Only)
Lens Mount What type of lens mount is used (e.g., C or CS) (Member Only)
Iris Type Choose from 4 types: Auto, Fixed, Manual and P-Iris
Panoramic Fisheye or Multi-imager panoramic cameras (Member Only)
True WDR Restrict to multi-exposure WDR cameras (Member Only)
Imager Size Measured in Inches (Member Only)
Multi Imager Multiple imagers in a single camera. Select total number of imagers desired.
(Member Only)
Imager Type Restrict to CMOS or CCD
Corridor Mode Camera supports 90° rotation for tall / portrait / hallway view (Member Only)
Day/Night Support Checks for mechanical cut filter or dual imager (Member Only)
Minimum Illumination Manufacturers lux claim. Be skeptical (Member Only)
IR IR Illuminators Integrated into camera
Super Low Light Cameras that list enhanced night time quality
IR Range Manufacturer claimed IR max distance (Member Only)
ONVIF Support Restrict to 1.x or Profile versions (Member Only)
Audio Support Varying options available for audio support (Member Only)
PTZ Cameras Mechanical / Optical PTZ cameras (Member Only)
Optical Zoom Min The lowest optical zoom ratio required (Member Only)
Pan Range Min Minimum degrees the PTZ must rotate horizontally (Member Only)
Tilt Range Min Minimum degrees the PTZ must rotate horizontally (Member Only)
Pan Speed Max The slowest pan speed required (in degrees per second) (Member Only)
Tilt Speed Max The slowest tilt speed required (in degrees per second) (Member Only)
PoE Support Is power over ethernet supported? (Member Only)
Low Voltage Need AC or DC support? (Member Only)
Max Power Consumption Limits to less than selection (Measured in Watts) (Member Only)
Alarm Input Minimum Inputs or dry contacts supported (Member Only)
Alarm Ouput Minimum Outputs or relays out supported (Member Only)
Analog Out NTSC/PAL video output provided (Member Only)
Model Find a specific model by entering model name
Model ToolsFormMax ResPriceIROutdoorSizeFPSCODECsFocal LengthAoVVandalWeightD/NWarrantyOp Temp RangeFocal TypeLens MountImager SizeImager TypeWDRIrisMin Lux RatingAuto FocusOn Board StorageSNMPVideo AnalyticsONVIFPoELow VoltagePowerAudioPanoramicOptical ZoomPan RangeTilt RangePan SpeedTilt SpeedAnalog OutAlarm InAlarm OutWirelessMulti ImagerCorridor ModeMulticast Transmission
Model ToolsFormMax ResPriceIROutdoorSizeFPSCODECsFocal LengthAoVVandalWeightD/NWarrantyOp Temp RangeFocal TypeLens MountImager SizeImager TypeWDRIrisMin Lux RatingAuto FocusOn Board StorageSNMPVideo AnalyticsONVIFPoELow VoltagePowerAudioPanoramicOptical ZoomPan RangeTilt RangePan SpeedTilt SpeedAnalog OutAlarm InAlarm OutWirelessMulti ImagerCorridor ModeMulticast Transmission

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