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CNL offers what they call "Integrated Situation Management" software which best fits into the PSIM category. The software integrates with various 3rd party applications including Milestone and IBM's Smart Surveillance System. Compare to Orsus and Proximex.

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  • They have created a 'periodic table of the PSIM elements':
  • ... They still exist and one of them, CNL, needs help. Is PSIM plug n play? Simple to setup? Probably not, as 3 job listings,...
  • CNL Integration on Jul 09, 2013
    How does one get his camera brand listed as integrated with CNL? Processes? Procedures? Links? Any help on the matter would be highly appreciated!
  • VMS vs PSIM on Aug 04, 2011
    ... Product Category: PSIM is most commonly the name of a specific product category with vendors CNL, Proximex, Orsus and Vidsys the most frequently cited 'members' (though there are many small...
  • PSIM Positioning Examined on Jun 14, 2010
    In June 2010, CNL provided a candid assessment on the competitive positioning and value of PSIM solutions. In this...
  • American Expansion on Jul 07, 2009
    CNL is a PSIM provider based in the UK. They are best known for their CEO being a founder of Axis...