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Tyco Kantech Access Control Company Profile on Nov 24, 2015
"In this first entry in a new series profiling access control companies, we profile Kantech, one o..."
Smart Integrators Should Lead With Access Control on Nov 10, 2015
"3 years ago, we asked "Should Smart Integrators Lead with Access Control?" pointing out some of t..."
Fake Fingerprints - Liveness Detection Solutions on Oct 19, 2015
"One of the biggest concerns with fingerprint readers is how easy they can be fooled. While biomet..."
New Anti-Tailgating Product from Optex on Oct 06, 2015
"Tailgating is one of the toughest and most dangerous problems access control systems face. The p..."
List of Access Products Supporting Wiegand Replacement OSDP on Oct 01, 2015
"OSDP is a clear replacement for Wiegand, with increasing industry support and end user adoption. ..."
Avigilon New Embedded Access Controller on Sep 28, 2015
"Avigilon's big release for ASIS is the "Access Control Manager Embedded Controller" In doing so,..."
Brivo Mobile Pass Opens Any Door by Smartphone on Sep 25, 2015
"One of the major trends in access control are 'mobile' credentials. NFC and BLE have been fight..."
BluB0X - The Most Ambitious Security Startup in Years on Sep 23, 2015
"This startup literally wants to do everything. They describe themselves as a "hosted security pl..."
Access Control Lock Guide on Sep 21, 2015
"In this guide, we examine door locks - critical elements of any security system. With thousands o..."
Access Control Course Fall 2015 on Sep 17, 2015
"IPVM offers the most comprehensive access control course in the industry. Unlike manufacturer tra..."
Access Control Book 2015 on Sep 16, 2015
"This is the best, most comprehensive access control training in the world, based on our unpr..."
Access Control Advanced Features Guide on Sep 15, 2015
"Electronic access offers features that traditional mechanical locks cannot. While these feature m..."
Contactless Credentials Guide on Sep 10, 2015
"Few access topics are as complicated as contactless credentials. Chosing the correct one can be t..."
The Prox Reader Shootout on Aug 27, 2015
"In this report, we put eight readers of the popular 125 kHz contactless format head to head and s..."
"Future-Proofing" Access Control Guide on Jul 30, 2015
"Its one of the most misused phrases around: "Future-proof". However, even without the crystal bal..."
Testing Zwipe Fingerprint Card on Jul 23, 2015
"By embedding a fingerprint reader into an access control card, Zwipe claims it can increase secur..."
Axis vs HID vs Mercury Access Controllers on Jul 07, 2015
"In the access control market, there are many software platforms, but only a few companies that ma..."
Avigilon Access Control Tested on Jun 22, 2015
"Avigilon aims to deliver an end-to-end solution of video surveillance and access control. But ho..."
Low Tech Access Control: Restricted Keyways on May 20, 2015
"Access control is sometimes as simple as good management of mechanical keys and locks. While the ..."
The New $2 Billion Access Giant: dorma+kaba on May 01, 2015
"The plan to merge two second-tier door hardware and access control companies may give birth to a ..."
Genetec Ends SMC, Replaces with Cloud Link on Apr 23, 2015
"Genetec is ending the main platform it uses to integrate most access control, the Synergis Master..."
Vacation Rental Access Control: The 'ResortLock' on Feb 20, 2015
"Controlling access to your vacation home or rental property is the vision of ResortLock. Through ..."
Worst Access Products - 100 Integrators Sound Off on Feb 18, 2015
"100 integrators told us which access product lines gave them the biggest problems in the last yea..."
Most Needed Improvement: Access Control Software on Feb 16, 2015
"100 integrators answered IPVM's question: "Which aspect/element of access control system technol..."
Practical Solutions To Piggybacking and Tailgating on Feb 12, 2015
"Piggybacking and tailgating are two of access control's biggest threats. In this note, we share s..."
Charlie Hebdo Forced Entrance and Access Control Measures on Feb 09, 2015
"Electronic Access Control usually reassures people they are safe, but a recent tragedy in France ..."
Lockitron Admits Failure on Jan 29, 2015
"They were Silicon Valley's chosen one. The company who was going to disrupt access control, back..."
New Long Range Wireless Access Solution (Allegion) on Jan 26, 2015
"Delivering access control to parking lot gates or elevators usually means spending tens of thousa..."
Foolproof Strike Installation Guide on Jan 20, 2015
"Follow this guide and you will install a strike correctly everytime. As we detail in this post, i..."
Selecting Access Control Readers on Jan 14, 2015
"Given the variety of types available, specifying access control readers can be a daunting process..."
Designing Access Control Guide on Jan 08, 2015
"Designing an access control solution requires decisions on 8 fundamental questions. This in-depth..."
Access Control Management Software Guide on Jan 06, 2015
"In access control, the locks, readers and credentials may be what most see but its the management..."
Assa Acquires $40 Million Chinese Manufacturer on Dec 17, 2014
"In this note, we examine the impact of Assa'a purchase of a $40 million Chinese access control ma..."
Using Automatic Door Operators with Access on Dec 12, 2014
"Opening and closing doors might sound simple, but it takes a high-tech piece of door hardware to ..."
Brivo Launches 'Hardware as a Service' on Dec 10, 2014
"Brivo was one of the first and still few 'hosted access' providers that uses cloud-based servers ..."
Access Control Lines Gaining and Losing Ground on Dec 04, 2014
"IPVM survey results of 100 integrators show which access control manufacturers are gaining and lo..."
The Most Secure Lock Ever? (Hint: Nope) on Dec 03, 2014
"High security locks are big business, but even the most advanced examples are vulnerable to simpl..."
Startup - Smart Door Barricade on Nov 19, 2014
"Barricade your door. And control it via your phone. Smartlocks are increasingly commonplace, bu..."
Billion Dollar Hardware Manufacturer Acquires Canadian EAC Company on Nov 12, 2014
"Electronic access line Keyscan has been bought by mechanical lock conglomerate Kaba, in a move it..."
Access Interoperability: Going Nowhere on Nov 11, 2014
"The dream was simple: access control interoperability. You know; the ability to change management..."
Lenel New Release OnGuard 7.0 Examined on Nov 06, 2014
"Access giant Lenel has announced a new version of their management platform OnGuard 7.0. With t..."
AMAG 8 Aims to Make Takeovers Easier on Nov 03, 2014
"In this note, we examine AMAG 8's new additions, breaking down how it impacts their competitive p..."
Allegion Releases Engage, Assa Aperio Competitor on Oct 29, 2014
"Wireless locks are one of the fastest growing segments of access control. The biggest player in ..."
Classroom Closer Lock Illegal on Oct 28, 2014
"Keeping classrooms locked against intruders is one the most urgent security priorities today. Wit..."
More Secure Doors: Multipoint Locking on Oct 27, 2014
"Doors are notoriously weak at stopping entry. A closed and locked door might deter entry for a t..."
The Coolest New Access Control Product In Years is from Tyco on Oct 22, 2014
"Cool. Access control. Tyco. 3 things that you or I may have never contemplated together. In thi..."
Big Money Coming Into Access (ACRE) on Oct 21, 2014
"A company with deep pockets is consolidating the access market, and has already showed they have ..."
TWIC Access Credentials Under Fire on Oct 20, 2014
"One of the biggest credential formats in the US is barely hanging on. With over 3 million TWIC ca..."
Wireless Access Control Panels on Oct 16, 2014
"One company claims they can connect access control panels wirelessly with ranges up to a mile, sa..."
Door Closers: Critical Security Hardware on Oct 14, 2014
"It might be the most unappreciated piece of door hardware, but it is one of the most important. D..."
HID's SE Readers Examined on Oct 13, 2014
"The HID card readers you may have used in the past are changing. As old stocks of standards like ..."
HID 'Twist and Go' Access Control on Sep 30, 2014
"Credential giant HID Global is making it easier to use cell phones as credentials. Instead of pus..."
Debunking Assa Abloy President's Next Big Thing on Sep 29, 2014
"The President of one of the biggest names in access control has proclaimed the next big thing: en..."
Axis Releases Card Reader on Sep 25, 2014
"Last year, Axis put the security market on notice by releasing the A1001 access controller (see I..."
Genetec's New 'Unified' Appliance on Sep 24, 2014
"Genetec has announced a 'unified security appliance', touting the ability to deploy video and acc..."
Video Insight Gives Away Access Control Free on Sep 24, 2014
"Genetec has offered unified access and video for years and Milestone added its own integrated acc..."
Deeply Discounted Access Control (Vanderbilt) on Sep 22, 2014
"Lower cost cameras are increasingly the norm, but access control systems have not seen as much pr..."
New Product: Software House Mega Controller on Sep 18, 2014
"Software House's new controller, iStar Ultra, doubles the number of doors typically supported, fr..."
Lenel OnGuard Tested on Sep 17, 2014
"Lenel is one of the biggest names in Access Control with many thousands of systems installed arou..."
Access Control Server Guide on Sep 09, 2014
"Electronic access control systems need to be managed. The 'server' though can range across: Pa..."
WiFi & Wireless Access Lock Guide on Aug 25, 2014
"When it comes to access control, any chance to save money on parts or install labor is attractive..."
Hosted and Managed Access Control Statistics on Aug 19, 2014
"'Cloud' access control - how many integrators are offering it? Why? And for those that do, are t..."
Favorite Biometrics 2014 on Aug 18, 2014
"This IPVM integrator survey reveals the favorite biometric of professional integrators, with stat..."
Lockitron Tested on Aug 14, 2014
"Lockitron is one of the most hyped products in years and maybe the most well known access co..."
Why Most Integrators Use the Same Techs for Video and Access on Aug 12, 2014
"With so many differences between video surveillance and access control designs, how commonly do i..."
Profitability: Access vs Video - Statistics on Aug 06, 2014
"Where do integrators make more money? Access control or video surveillance? With both systems b..."
Electric Strikes: Why They Are So Popular on Jul 31, 2014
"Electric strikes are a mainstay part of access control, but how often do integrators use them? In..."
Access Control: Here's Why Integrators Choose Multiple Lines on Jul 28, 2014
"With so many access options in the market, how many platforms do integrators typically sell? More..."
Testing Bioscrypt's V-Flex Fingerprint Reader on Jul 25, 2014
"With fingerprint readers available for as little as $100, why would you pay more? Consider Morpho..."
Access Control Markups / Profits Revealed on Jul 23, 2014
"How much profits do integrators typically make on access control projects? Is access one of the l..."
Top 5 Access Control Problems on Jul 21, 2014
"Here's what integrators say are their 5 top problems with electronic access control: High cost..."
Favorite Access Control Software 2014 on Jul 16, 2014
"What are the favorite access control software platforms? Is it the elder incumbents like Honeywel..."
Favorite Access Control Credentials on Jul 11, 2014
"When it comes to the most popular way to unlock a door, which access credential type holds the fa..."
Maglocks - Who Uses And Hates Them on Jul 10, 2014
"Many integrators hate maglocks. However, they are a common sight on many controlled openings. But..."
New Hosted Access Provider: Feenics on Jul 08, 2014
"There is a new entrant in the hosted access market, Feenics. Not only are they aiming for the cl..."
Lifespan of Electronic Access Control Systems on Jul 01, 2014
"Just how long do end users hang on to access systems before they look to change? The answer may s..."
Average Access Control Job Size on Jun 30, 2014
"Unique IPVM statistics reveal what is the average access control job size, how size varies across..."
The $100 Fingerprint Reader Tested on Jun 11, 2014
"Want to add biometrics but avoid spending nearly $1,000 per door for it? When it comes to finger..."
How To Use Maglocks With Battery Power Legally on Jun 02, 2014
"When the power goes off, maglocks leave your doors unlocked... right? Unless backup power is use..."
Milestone Access Control 2014 Released on May 28, 2014
"Milestone has announced an update to its first venture into integrated access interface. When we ..."
Fingerprint Readers Examined on May 15, 2014
"They all claim to do the same thing, but no two fingerprint readers are alike. How do you make su..."
Access Control Specification Guide on May 12, 2014
"This 18 page report provides the most in-depth guidance on specifying Access Control systems you ..."
Startup: Fingerprint Reading through Gloves on May 07, 2014
"A fundamental limitation of typical fingerprint readers is that users must expose their fingers t..."
Access Control Job Walk Guide on May 06, 2014
"Thousands of dollars can be uncovered or avoided in a job walk if you know what to look for and w..."
Card Printers Guide on May 01, 2014
"Card printers are a core component of professional access control systems, often used as photos I..."
HD Camera / Face Rec / Door Controller All-in-One on Apr 30, 2014
"Is it a security camera, face recognition reader, or a door controller? Stand aside people: Bi..."
Startup: Fingerprint Breakthrough? on Apr 29, 2014
"A startup, IDAir, wants to read your fingerprints through thin air. While most fingerprint biomet..."
Wireless Access Control Card Reader on Apr 24, 2014
"Most card readers are hardwired to a controller, but not this unit. It claims to be as easy to in..."
Genetec and Milestone Access Tested on Apr 23, 2014
"Video management software companies entering access control is a growing trend. One of the first..."
Securing Access Control Systems on Apr 17, 2014
"Securing access control components is critical to ensuring that a facility is truly secure. Other..."
Access Control New Products Spring 2014 on Apr 14, 2014
"With surveillance dissapointing, access control dominanted the top awards at ISC West. Of course,..."
Access Control Course - Spring 2014 (CLOSED) on Apr 11, 2014
"Registration is now closed. Our next IPVM access control course will meet live online, startin..."
Best in Show 2014: SV3 Examined on Apr 10, 2014
"ISC West 2014's top new product prize went to relative unknown Building Intelligence's SV3 Entry ..."
Visitor Management Systems Examined on Apr 08, 2014
""Who are you, and why are you here?" Facilities that implement Visitor Management Systems hope th..."
Wiegand vs OSDP on Mar 19, 2014
"Wiegand has been the standard access communication protocol for decades. Despite advances in cred..."
Axis Video / Access Integration Reviewed on Mar 11, 2014
"While Axis added its own access control software and hardware, at first, it had no integration wi..."
NFC vs BLE For the Future of Access Control on Mar 04, 2014
"Nothing in access control has the hype of NFC but is it for real? So far the answer has been no...."
Security Measures Hindering First Responders on Feb 24, 2014
"Do your security measures help or hurt first responders? The Department of Homeland Security and..."
Tyco Kantech New Combo Door Controller Reviewed on Feb 18, 2014
"Installing enterprise access control is expensive for just one door and creates a challenge in sp..."
Startup Raises Millions For A Fingerprint Card on Feb 12, 2014
"Access control does not get a lot of love or money but one company is trying to buck this trend. ..."
Testing Axis Access Control on Jan 27, 2014
"After years of speculation and months of waiting since its announcement, Axis' first access contr..."
Ask the AHJ: Chicago on Jan 23, 2014
"The AHJ has the final say in access control systems. That power, combined with the rules not alwa..."
Delayed Egress Maglock Claims to Save Thousands on Jan 21, 2014
"Deploying delayed egress right is tricky even when codes allow it, and making sure you meet all t..."
Startup Review: $70 Smartphone Controlled Padlock on Jan 16, 2014
"A startup thinks you will buy padlocks you can open/close with your phone. Not to be outdone by t..."
Eliminating Control Panels? Viscount Reviewed on Dec 05, 2013
"Every access control system requires control panels. But now one manufacturer claims that their '..."
Installing Door Hardware on Oct 23, 2013
"Most access installers find themselves in this sticky situation at some point: they need to insta..."
Fall 2013 Access Control Course (CLOSED) on Oct 08, 2013
"Our next IPVM access control course registration is closed. It meets live online, starting on Oct..."
Testing HID Edge Solo on Oct 03, 2013
"HID is the biggest name in IP door controllers, especially for single or dual door controllers, w..."
Door Controller Configuration Tutorial on Oct 03, 2013
"After selection and installation of door controllers, they must be optimized according to the spe..."
Startup: NFC Ring Reviewed on Sep 24, 2013
"An eccentric startup wants to empower your fistbumps with information. If the NFC Ring takes off,..."
The Deadliest Tradeshow Booth? on Sep 24, 2013
"The ASIS show floor is awash with new access control products, but Stanley Security's Iris Reader..."
Powering Cameras over Long Distances on Sep 19, 2013
"In the age of Power over Ethernet, specifying external camera power is becoming a lost art. Incre..."
Inventor Aims to Stop Break-Ins on Sep 17, 2013
"Bump keys make opening locked doors easy, and few products address the problem. The most common w..."
Worst Readers Ever: Keypads on Sep 16, 2013
"One type of access control reader wins the title "Worst Choice" - the common keypad. When used im..."
Startup Releases Biometric Bracelet on Sep 13, 2013
"Using your heartbeat to open doors just got a step closer to reality. Startup Bionym is raising f..."
HID vs NXP Credentials on Sep 12, 2013
"Two companies dominate the global market for access control credentials: HID Global and NXP Semic..."
Apple Adds Biometrics, Snubs NFC Again on Sep 11, 2013
"iPhones will soon have fingerprint readers. Few brands have Apple's immense market impact, and ph..."
Networked Professional Power Supply Examined on Sep 10, 2013
"For years, owners and integrators have been able to remotely monitor and manage IP-based video su..."
Disability Laws, ADA and Access Control on Sep 09, 2013
"Designing safe Access Control is paramount for everyone, especially those working with disabiliti..."
Door Position Switches Tutorial on Sep 05, 2013
"Door position switches get no respect. They make Access Control possible, yet they are frequently..."
Standard for Access Control (UL 294) on Sep 03, 2013
"Few specifications are seen more commonly in access control than UL 294. However, aside from seei..."
Shark Tank Security Startup (UniKey) on Aug 30, 2013
"A startup featured on the US Shark Tank TV show, UniKey, is trying to disrupt residential access ..."
Camera / Card Reader Combo Reviewed on Aug 30, 2013
"When IPVM recently reviewed a wall camera for capturing better facial images, several readers com..."
The 5 Major Lock Profiles Explained on Aug 29, 2013
"Locks are used everywhere, but they are not all the same. In fact, even the shape of the lock cha..."
Security Fence Guide on Aug 28, 2013
"Fences, while a low tech barricade, are a cornerstone of good security. Few physical security ele..."
Understanding the 20+ Lock Functions on Aug 26, 2013
"Some suppose all locks are the same but standards existing defining a range of over 20 different ..."
Specifying Door Locks on Aug 22, 2013
"Mechanical door locks regularly remain even after electronic access control is added. Indeed, mos..."
Door Swing Primer on Aug 21, 2013
"The direction a door swings might seem minor, but it can greatly impact door hardware selection. ..."
Door and Frame Alignment Primer on Aug 20, 2013
"Effective access control is only as good as the doors being secured. Most designers and installer..."
Universal Gate Access Solution on Aug 19, 2013
"Gates are great for keeping property secure, but they also keep the good guys out. Agencies like ..."
Salto Access Control Reviewed on Aug 07, 2013
"Salto's access control system, using credential based networking, claims to be at least 50% less ..."
Introducing IPVM's Test Door on Aug 06, 2013
"Over the next few months, we will release videos teaching and testing access control. The physica..."
Vehicle Gate Access Control on Aug 05, 2013
"Delivering Vehicle Gate Access Control demands integrating a myriad of different systems. Everyth..."
Exit Devices Tutorial on Jul 30, 2013
"One of the most common locking devices is poorly understood. Exit Devices, also called 'Panic Bar..."
Access Control: Combo Reader / Controllers Tutorial on Jul 22, 2013
"Economical or foolhardy? Industry professionals are torn on combination door readers. These units..."
Time & Attendance Tutorial on Jul 18, 2013
"Access Control is useful for more than unlocking doors. One of the best features is also rarely u..."
Mantraps Examined on Jul 16, 2013
"One of the oldest techniques in access control is still used today. Mantraps date back to medieva..."
Mercury Open Access Hardware Examined on Jul 15, 2013
"Everyone wants an "open" access platform, yet no one delivers... or do they? One of the biggest n..."
Prox vs. iClass Explained on Jul 12, 2013
"The differences between 'contactless' proximity credential formats are significant, yet the detai..."
HID's Gesture Credentials Patents on Jul 10, 2013
"Proximity style credentials carry a huge risk: they can be passively read by thieves, who take th..."
International Rules / IBC for Access Control on Jun 24, 2013
"Dealing with fragmented local codes is one of the most frustrating parts of electronic access con..."
Don't Miss the Drain Wire on Jun 05, 2013
"An easy-to-miss cabling specification plays a vital role in access control, yet it is commonly ig..."
RedCloud Details / Avigilon Acquisition on May 30, 2013
"Avigilon has acquired RedCloud, an access control manufacturer, for $17 million in cash. This pos..."
Dealing With Forced Door Alarms on May 30, 2013
"One of the most common access control alarms is also the most ignored. "Forced Door" provides a v..."
Access Control (Strikes) Full Class Session on May 23, 2013
"Below is an 88 minute full class recording from our access control course, examining door hardwar..."
Proximity Readers Tutorial on May 20, 2013
"One of the most common credentials is also the most confusing. How exactly do proximity cards 're..."
Deadly Pushbuttons on May 15, 2013
"A simple and common misunderstanding in specifying pushbuttons can kill people trying to escape b..."
Elevator Access Control Examined on May 06, 2013
"Doors are certainly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about electronic access cont..."
End User Sues ADT/Tyco For $42 Million on May 06, 2013
"It was the biggest drug heist in American history. Burglars drove an 18-wheeler up to the Eli Lil..."
Testing Covert Cameras on May 01, 2013
"Covert cameras are regularly referenced in TV shows and undercover reporting. We ordered two of t..."
Stand Alone Access Control (Sargent) on Apr 29, 2013
"Classroom safety is a key concern, especially with fears of school shooting. Door hardware plays ..."
Pelco's Abandoned Access Control Line (Infinias) on Apr 23, 2013
"Once upon a time, Pelco had its own access control offering that claimed to be the 'smallest, mos..."
Spring 2013 Access Control Course (CLOSED) on Apr 23, 2013
"The IPVM access control course will meet live online, started on April 30th for 12 times over 6 w..."
Hirsch / Identive Gets Cost Competitive on Apr 21, 2013
"One of the biggest legacy brands in high end access control was Hirsch, who merged and was absorb..."
Sony's 6th Gen Low Light Demo on Apr 21, 2013
"Sony's ISC West demo of their 6th generation network camera's low light performance drew a lot of..."
SIA NPS New Product Showcase Judging on Apr 18, 2013
""It's like a cute baby contest. If only 12 ugly babies enter, then only ugly babies are going to ..."
Top Trends in Access Control 2013 on Apr 16, 2013
"All of a sudden, Access Control has momentum? After a long period of apparent stagnation and stal..."
Reading Irises from Cars? on Apr 14, 2013
"What happens when you want to use biometrics at vehicle gates? In the past, this has meant staffi..."
"Best" New Access Control Product? on Apr 09, 2013
"It's 'award winning', but is it useful? With 3M Cogent's MiY-Touch fingerprint reader winning an ..."
IPVM Live From ISC West 2013 on Apr 09, 2013
"In this post, we bring updates from the show floor, highlighting the great and not-so-great trend..."
The SUPER RMR Padlock on Apr 07, 2013
"Despite the dearth of new product announcements for the year's ISC West expo, padlock lovers can ..."
Get Automatic Updates on New Releases on Apr 03, 2013
"IPVM releases a number of new posts each day. One recent request was an option to get notified as..."
Mustering Tutorial on Apr 01, 2013
"Access control can be used for more than just securing buildings. Among these powerful 'other' fu..."
An Alarm Super-Panel? on Mar 31, 2013
"Combo alarm panels have become popular for small and medium installations. Now, DMP has announced..."
The Codes Behind Access Control on Mar 27, 2013
"In Electronic Access Control, there is one basic rule: Life safety above all else. While simple, ..."
Pivot3 Q1 2013 Update on Mar 27, 2013
"Intransa's troubles have raised concerns about the viability of specialized surveillance storage ..."
Request to Exit Tutorial on Mar 26, 2013
"Locks are not always the most important pieces of door hardware. For access controlled doors, esp..."
World's Smallest HD Bullet (Axis M2014) on Mar 25, 2013
"Axis announced the M2014-E, what it's calling "world's smallest HDTV bullet-style network camera...."
Wireless Access Primer on Mar 24, 2013
"In the past few years, one of the most interesting developments in access control has been the in..."
Door Controllers Guide on Mar 19, 2013
"Access Control systems may have hundreds of parts, but none are more important than the door cont..."
Access Control Cabling Tutorial on Mar 17, 2013
"Access Control is only as reliable as its cables. While this aspect lacks the sexiness of other c..."
Camera Vibration / Stabilizer Solutions on Mar 13, 2013
"Shaky images can severely undermine image quality, strain operator eyesight and make monitoring m..."
Debunking Anixter's IP Video Advantages on Mar 12, 2013
"Anixter has been touting 5 Advantages of IP Video Surveillance. Unfortunately, those benefits cen..."
The 5 Biggest Access Control Mistakes on Mar 11, 2013
"Access control systems keep people and places safe, but sometimes have huge weaknesses that leave..."
Battery Powered Access Controller on Mar 06, 2013
"Installing electronic access is never as simple as throwing in a mechanical lock. Not only do you..."
Hidden Access Cost: The Database on Mar 04, 2013
"All decisions have a price, but some cost more than others. Choosing which type of database for y..."
Glass Doors and Access Control on Feb 26, 2013
"The biggest challenge for many access control systems are glass doors. Here's what happens when a..."
Replacing Access Control Systems on Feb 20, 2013
"Q: What's rarer than a two-headed penny? A: An end user who replaces their access control system...."
Combating the Door Prop Problem on Feb 17, 2013
"Doors have a fundamental security function: They keep the bad guys out. When a door is propped op..."
IPVM For PR / Marketing People on Feb 14, 2013
"This post helps PR / Marketing people understand and productively work with IPVM (as much as poss..."
Maintaining Access Control Records on Feb 13, 2013
"Weeding out old entries, turning off unused credentials, and updating who carries which credentia..."
Access Control Levels and Schedules Tutorial on Feb 10, 2013
"One of access control's most critical security elements has nothing to do with cards, locks, or r..."
Multi-Factor Authentication Primer on Feb 04, 2013
"Can a stranger use your credentials? One of the oldest problems facing access control is making c..."
Fingerprint for Access Control on Feb 03, 2013
"Despite being touted as the next big thing for access control, fingerprint readers struggle to de..."
SIA Says: Buy Our Stuff, Stop School Shootings! on Jan 31, 2013
"The US Security Industry Association is proudly speaking for all of us in a letter to President O..."
Surveillance CODEC Guide on Jan 31, 2013
"CODECs are core to surveillance, with names like MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 commonly discussed but, ..."
AHJ / Authority Having Jurisdiction Tutorial on Jan 29, 2013
"One of the most powerful yet shadowy characters in all of physical security is the AHJ, the Autho..."
Delayed Egress Examined on Jan 27, 2013
"Is it ever legal to lock people into a building? With so much of access control driven by life sa..."
Fail Safe vs. Fail Secure Primer on Jan 23, 2013
"Few terms carry greater importance than 'fail safe' and 'fail secure' for access control. The def..."
Selecting the Right Electric Strike on Jan 22, 2013
"Despite being one of the most common components of access control, specifying the right electric ..."
Access Control Killer: Tailgating on Jan 20, 2013
"Despite costing thousands of dollars per door, access control systems are inherently vulnerable t..."
The Passback Problem on Jan 16, 2013
"Every security system has flaws, even high-tech ones. While Electronic Access Control helps keep ..."
Door Hardware Grades Explained on Jan 13, 2013
"How can you tell high quality hardware from junk? Unlike other industries, where 'buyer beware' d..."
Selecting Access Control Readers 2013 on Jan 01, 2013
"Given the variety of types available, specifying access control readers can be a daunting process..."
Classroom Locks Reviewed on Dec 18, 2012
"Access control hardware cannot defeat a gunmen; but it can slow them down and buy precious minute..."
Palm Vein / Face Combo Reader on Dec 17, 2012
"A new reader terminal claims it is the "only true PACS terminal using Palm Vein Recognition" and ..."
Higher Resolution Cameras Need More Light? on Dec 13, 2012
"One of the most misleading myths is that higher resolution cameras need more light than lower res..."
Access Control Exploits: Risky PIRs? on Dec 09, 2012
"A panicked end user called us this week about a surprisingly simple way their access control syst..."
Axis Changes A&E Event on Dec 06, 2012
"For the last two years, Axis funded lavish cruises for A&Es and their spouses, hotly debated ..."
Verint Surveillance Revenue Steep Drop on Dec 05, 2012
"Verint's painful decline in (or perhaps out of) the surveillance market continues. In their most ..."
Dorma Acquires Rutherford Controls on Nov 26, 2012
"Billion dollar plus German door hardware manufacturer Dorma is acquiring one of the most well reg..."
Locksmiths Replaced by Vending Machines? on Nov 07, 2012
"Is the venerable locksmith on the way out? First, big box retailers set up their own departments ..."
Entertech FaceStation Examined on Nov 05, 2012
"Biometric credentials are more than just fingerprints. A growing trend in access control readers ..."
Test Your Access Control Knowledge on Oct 25, 2012
"How well do you know electronic access control? Do you understand maglocks, mullions, strikes, bi..."
Revolutionary Door Lock? (Lockitron) on Oct 07, 2012
"This could be the biggest thing to hit access control in years. A Silicon Valley startup has deve..."
Next Generation Intercoms (Stentofon Turbine) on Oct 01, 2012
"Just like IP cameras, IP intercoms are getting more sophisticated. In the olds days, it might hav..."
NFC: Not Ready for Primetime on Oct 01, 2012
"NFC continues to be the biggest buzzword in access control. HID, the principal manufacturer of th..."
Multifunction Maglock (Securitron M680) on Sep 23, 2012
"A new maglock claims to be 'smarter' and more 'stylish' than the rest. Is it useful, or is it a c..."
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