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Roundtable: Transitioning into video monitoring | from www.securityinfowatch.com on May 21, 2009
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Security legislation and security regulations - The Business Case from www.info4security.com on Jun 27, 2007
A guide for managers and executives on the business value of IP video management and surveillance.Imagine if All the video your surveillance system captured was available on a computer network, easy for security and othe
Security Industry Association OSIPS Framework Approved As Amer from www.secprodonline.com
Systems Integration and Performance Standards -- Framework, the foundation for all of SIA’s Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) family of standards. “The framework is the parent of the OSIPS fa
Basic Policy and Planning for Video Surveillance from www.csoonline.com on Aug 02, 2008
CSO Magazine overviews the basic elements in using video surveillance including policy, operational and technology issues.
ACLU of Northern California : Government Surveillance Cameras Exp from www.aclunc.org on Aug 19, 2007
California cities are moving quickly to install video surveillance cameras on public streets and plazas without regulations, with little or no public debate, and without an evaluation of their effectiveness, according to
CCTV Problems and Benefits from www.securitymanagement.com on Aug 20, 2008
CCTV can be wasteful. It all hinges on whether you understand its limitations. I have designed, specified, or surveyed hundred’s of CCTV systems and, in my opinion, from 25% to 50% of video cameras represent wasted mon
Using CCTV in Iraq to Fight Terrorism from fightingcrimefromabove.com on Sep 02, 2009
CNN newscast and commentary on terrorism explosions monitored and captured by an IP video surveillance system; includes discussion on flaws and issues with current system
Private Cameras to be Integrated into Chicago Surveillance Networ from www.suntimes.com on Jul 22, 2008
Businesses can Pay $400-$600 to be monitored by Chicago police; Encrypted connection used to share video
Reviewing San Francisco Public CCTV Effectiveness from www.sfgate.com on Aug 14, 2008
Benefits of video surveillance discussed including power to protect civil liberties; extensive discussion on the operation of public CCTV in San Francisco
Video Surveillance Helping Newark 40% Crime Reduction from www.businessweek.com on Aug 25, 2008
Business Week covers Newark's Genetec's IP Video surveillance deployment of 110 urban cameras to fight crime. As a shooting broke out, a policemen zoomed in on the scene with a joystick controller. They saw one gunman fl
Surge in Video Surveillance Deployments in India from www.thenational.ae on Aug 25, 2008
Bombings propel rise in security and use of video surveillance throughout India and in New Delhi. When it comes to video surveillance, New Delhi may lag behind such world capitals as London and Paris – but nothing propel
Going Mobile with Video Surveillance on Chicago's Bus System from www.securityinfowatch.com on Jan 04, 2007
"Essentially what the CTA is trying to do is to build a broadband system across the city in order to be able to provide video surveillance on all the buses," explains Beaudin. "They currently have over 600 cameras across
Actual CCTV Footage from Marriott Palistan Bombing from www.youtube.com on Sep 21, 2008
Surveillance Video from Marriott's DVR showing the initial impact and events of the truck bumbing
TV Show Reviewing Video Surveillance Use from www.safeandsecuretvchannel.com on Sep 21, 2008
Vendor sponsored, moderately informative discussion on applications by Milestone and Tyco
Foxwood Casino Video Surveillance Case Study from www.securityinfowatch.com on Sep 25, 2008
SIW interviews Surveillance Director on the use of DVRs, IP video and facial recognition at the Foxwood Casino.
Do Security Cameras Increase Owners Liability? from www.security-surveillance-blog.com on Sep 29, 2008
Attorney offers legal opinion on the impact video surveillance has on liability or property owners.
Examining Law Enforcement Use of Video Surveillance from www.govtech.com on Dec 16, 2008
Covers large scale systems using wireless video in Milwaukee, Oklahoma City and Chicago
Surveillance Video Helps Solve 70% of UK Murders from www.telegraph.co.uk on Jan 02, 2009
From Scotland Yard Study, declares surveillance video as vital as DNA samples or fingerprints
Demonstrating Video Monitoring from an iPhone from www.lextechlabs.com on Jan 03, 2009
3 Minute Webcast Shows how to monitor and control PTZ surveillance cameras from an iPhone
Examining Video Surveillance for London Olympics 2012 from news.sky.com on Jan 14, 2009
Planning massive citywide integrated systems with 3d mapping; criticized for potential illegality
UK Video Surveillance in Bathrooms Causes Controversy from news.bbc.co.uk on Jan 29, 2009
School Claims Improved Safety but Parents Object to Invasion of Privacy; Britian has significant standards for controlling and viewing video but is it enough?
Union Objects to Surveillance Camera on Train from www.nytimes.com on Mar 04, 2009
Cite privacy concerns, recommend adding a second person in rail cab; absurd position given the recent negligence of a train employee killed 25
How Useless are Washington DC's surveillance cameras? from www.washingtoncitypaper.com on Mar 03, 2009
Detailed investigative report on how DC's cameras are useless in stopping and solving homicides; to be expected; designers must not attempt to stop or solve public homicides with surveillance cameras
Billion Dollar US Military Surveillance System Described from www.washingtonpost.com
Uses long range thermal imagers floating in air covers Iraq and Afghanistan; still in process of being integrated
Billion Dollar US Military Surveillance System Described from www.washingtonpost.com on Mar 15, 2009
Uses long range thermal imagers floating in air covers Iraq and Afghanistan; still in process of being integrated
Video Surveillance Project Planning from www.csoonline.com on Mar 19, 2009
Survey article discusses key issues in implementing new projects including common mistakes and design problems
How Surveillance Cameras Protect the Innocent from www.nytimes.com on Mar 25, 2009
NYTimes examines how cameras help protect people from abuses of the police
7 Key Questions for Designing Video Surveillance from gspamerica.blogspot.com on Apr 09, 2009
16 minute webcast that overviews the most important issues in designing video surveillance; good for those interested in reviewing the basics
City Wide Monitoring Reduces Crime but Expensive to Monitor from www.dallasnews.com on Apr 29, 2009
Examines the use of video surveillance in Dallas, citing statistics of crime reduction and examining costs to monitor
Can Video Surveillance Replace Escorts? from chemical-facility-security-news.blogspot.com on May 11, 2009
Security experts discuss the use of video to comply with TWIC escort regulations; cites a variety of concerns and potential problems with this approach
Will Compressing Surveillance Video Get You Sued? from spotonsecurity.com on May 11, 2009
Explores legal issues with using MPEG-4 and H.264 compared to MJPEG, discusses concerns of courts and compares risks of different compressions; concludes that there is little risk and that the concern is based on unfound
New Study finds Public CCTV Effective in Limited Applications from db.c2admin.org on May 19, 2009
76 page UK report claims CCTV has modest but significant desirable effect on crime in more narrowly targeted ways than currently used
Private Companies Monitoring Public Video Surveillance from www.securitysystemsnews.com on May 21, 2009
Survey article cites a number of US deployments where public cameras are monitored by private companies, including the use of video analytics
Remote Outdoor Video Surveillance Examined from www.asmag.com on Jul 02, 2009
Survey Article interviews dozen manufacturers citing various approaches and technologies used to monitor outdoor environments remotely
Were the Milestone and VideoIQ Investments Good Deals? from managedvideoblog.com on Jul 12, 2008
The CFO of Envysion and IP Video Market Info discuss the value of recent investments in video surveillance companies.
Adding Audio to Video Surveillance from www.securityinfowatch.com on Jul 21, 2008
Comprehensive Introduction on the benefits and key factors in adding audio to your video surveillance solution.
City-wide Wireless CCTV for Police from securitycaffeine.blogspot.com on May 13, 2008
I've had a number of recent discussions with end users (particularly Police Deptartments and Municipalities), regarding City-wide Wireless CCTV Systems. The desire here is to protect an area in the city with a group of
Video Surveillance Dollars Not Just for Security | Press Release from www.abiresearch.com on Oct 07, 2008
only one. Transportation systems and retail are both promising markets for video surveillance, where its uses extend to legal liability prevention, customer behavior analysis, and store design. Global spending on video
Video Surveillance by Ralph Winn from www.articlecity.com on Oct 17, 2006
The dependability and prevalence of video surveillance cameras has increased dramatically in the past decade. Numerous home and business owners have integrated video surveillance cameras into their security systems to en
Alarm Monitoring and Cell Phone Video Integrated from securityinfowatch.com on Aug 09, 2008
Xanboo and AT&T offers a new service ties in AT&T's remote monitoring services with Xanboo's technology for streaming digital video.
Video Surveillance Profiling - Alan J Simpson from www.comlinks.com
The United Kingdom has reportedly 4.2 million video cameras watching every aspect of life in the cities, around public buildings, commercial areas and throughout the road and rail system. The police claim is that a vehic
Harris Poll Shows 96 Percent of Americans Support Uses of Video S from www.sys-con.com on Aug 27, 2009
A recent Harris Poll survey indicates that 96 percent of U.S. citizens feel the federal government and law enforcement agencies should be able to use video surveillance in an effort to counteract terrorism and help prot
Cabling Installation & Maintenance - Finding the ideal medium from cim.pennnet.com
Asef Baddar, application engineer for General Cable (www.generalcable.com). "Everyone still agrees that coax provides a better picture because of its gauge size. But instead of running one type of cable for voice and dat
Individual Rights in the Age of Video Surveillance from www.internetevolution.com
In our continuing debate to determine whether we are better or worse off with technology, it is important to take a look at the problems and advantages of video surveillance. With the pervasive growth of Internet-based v
Bitter Lemon: Video Surveillance from lemonista.blogspot.com on Jan 13, 2007
A few months ago, it was decided that they would put video surveillance cameras in my neighbourhood to protect visiting suburbanites during the holiday season. The business community wants to continue with this practice
ACLU of Northern California : Say No to Video Surveillance from www.aclunc.org
Say No to Video Surveillance State-of-the-art video cameras may be coming to your neighborhood. Look for them perched atop 27-foot-high utility poles. Studies have found that public video surveillance don’t significant
DC Testimony on Video Surveillance, 06/13/02 from epic.org
Oversight Hearing on the proposed video surveillance plans of the Metropolitan Police Department. I appear before you today in both a professional and personal capacity. As Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy In
Regulating CCTV Will Make It Better from www.guardian.co.uk on Jul 03, 2008
UK Newspaper argues that regulating private CCTV systems will make CCTV effective. Private systems are not regulated and need not be installed and positioned on the basis of crime statistics and risk assessments.
Computer Vision Workload Analysis: Case Study of Video Surveillan from www.intel.com on May 18, 2005
Traditional video surveillance is labor intensive and usually not very effective. Video surveillance with computer vision techniques, however, saves on labor and provides a consistent monitoring quality. The input to a v
Video surveillance coming to Kabul, Afghanistan from www.gsnmagazine.com on Feb 06, 2008
The U.S. Government is contemplating a massive video surveillance project for the country of Afghanistan that would establish surveillance over all major thoroughfares in Kabul, the capital city, as well as all U.S. and
Video Surveillance in Schools from www.articlesbase.com
The aims of surveillance system in a school The crimes that take place in schools are usually petty crimes, like thefts of clothes or other personal belongings, extortions of small sums of money, bullying of younger stud
Video surveillance doesn't make us safer from www.nj.com on Jul 01, 2008
From the ACLU: Living in Newark's Central Ward for the past five years has broadened my perspective on the toll that crime and poverty take on a community. Children in poor urban areas like Newark are exposed to fear, de
American Civil Liberties Union : What's Wrong With Public Video S from www.aclu.org
he Four Problems With Public Video Surveillance Video cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV), are becoming a more and more widespread feature of American life. Fears of terrorism and the availability of ever-cheape
Chicago's OEMC, IBM To Launch Advanced Video Surveillance Sy from www.huliq.com on Sep 26, 2007
its business partners Firetide and Genetec, IBM has successfully deployed the infrastructure build-out for Operation Virtual Shield with plans to expand the network throughout the city. In the first phase, IBM helped the
Today's Facility Manager - Digital Video Surveillance from www.todaysfacilitymanager.com
After careful assessment of the facility's network capacity, this technology can help to improve the effectiveness of security operations. By Tom Condon, RPA, FMA Like several systems, video surveillance has moved into t
Examining surveillance cameras in Washington DC from www.notbored.org
virtually every other police-operated video surveillance system in America, the MPD system has very clear legal authority: the provisions of the "Metropolitan Police Department Video Surveillance Regulations Emergency Ac
BCCLA Position Paper: Video surveillance in public places, 1999 from www.bccla.org
Video surveillance in public places June 1999 Introduction The Vancouver Police Department is proposing to jump on a bandwagon along with several cities in the UK, United States and eastern Canada, to use video surveilla
American Civil Liberties Union : Feature: Public Video Surveillan from www.aclu.org
Public Video Surveillance Video cameras, or closed-circuit television (CCTV), are becoming a more and more widespread feature of American life. Fears of terrorism and the availability of ever-cheaper cameras have acceler
Denver Police Department Utilizes New Video Surveillance System f from www.pr-inside.com on Sep 04, 2008
When Senator Barack Obama decided to change the location where he would accept the Democratic nomination for President of the United States only a couple weeks before the event, Lieutenant Ernie Martinez of the Denver Po
Overview of Video Surveillance at New Wynn Casino from www.secprodonline.com on Jul 01, 2008
Design, quality and attention to detail are just a few of the words used to illustrate how the new Encore at Wynn Las Vegas will maintain its distinctive brand and position in the marketplace. And as recently announced b
Video surveillance to be installed at school entrances - People's from english.people.com.cn on Apr 14, 2008
new - - HomeChina China Society Video surveillance to be installed at school entrances + - 15:18, April 15, 2008 Comment Tell A Friend Print Format Save Article Video surveillance equipment will be installed at the gate
The CSI Influence on Video Surveillance: Meeting High-Definition from www.secprodonline.com
Expectations for video have changed significantly. Unrecognizable video images are unacceptable. High-definition megapixel, video, now a requirement for forensics, surveillance and analysis, is breaking traditional infra
Guangzhou installs city-wide video surveillance system to tighten from en.chinaelections.org
A city-wide video surveillance system will be in full operation in Guangzhou, capital of south China''s Guangdong Province, by October this year. Security will constantly be monitored on buses and at other public places.
Legal > We have on our video surveillance cameras from last > - from law.justanswer.com
We have on our video surveillance cameras from last night, a truck leaving our neighbors driveway, drive onto our lawn in circles leaving large groves and damaging our lawn. We called police about it and the officer cam
The Diffusion of IP Video Surveillance from www.slideshare.net on Oct 09, 2009
Examines how the migration to IP is progressing
NPR : The Video Surveillance Debate from www.npr.org
There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment... You had to live -- did live, from habit that became instinct -- in the assumption that every sound you made was overhe
Budapest Adopts Wireless IP Video Surveillance from www.indigovision.com
Budapest has adopted IndigoVision's complete end-to-end IP Video solution to provide city-wide CCTV surveillance Budapest has adopted IndigoVision's complete end-to-end IP Video solution to provide citywide CCTV surveill